Self Tanner Mitt Kit with Exfoliating and Face Mitt

Try Gold Mountain Beauty best self-tanning mitt kit with exfoliator glove & face mitts at Gold Mountain Beauty. Ultra-soft & helps leave your skin streak-free.


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Self Tanner Mitt Kit with Exfoliating and Face Mitt


Love your natural-looking tan when you use our mitts for exfoliation and our two super soft application mitts for applying self-tanner or bronzer to face and body.

Our pre-application exfoliating mitt removes dead skin and prepares your skin for soft, smooth, even application of bronzer. Our applicator mitt is ultra-soft and helps leave your skin streak free – no fake tan here!


Naturally, apply self-tanner smoothly and without streaks. Combine the use of all three gloves for the best results. Three-piece self-tanning mitt kit includes one gently exfoliating mitt and two super soft self-tanner application mitts – with elastic for preventing leaks to hands and soft edges, one for your face and one for your body.

  • Use the exfoliating mitt to get rid of dry and dead skin before applying your self-tanner.
  • Hydrate your skin with your lotion of choice or our Tan Extender.
  • Apply your self-tanner using our body mitt in circular motions; use the face mitt to get an even and natural tan on your face.

Why Choose

Self Tanner Mitt Kit with Exfoliating and Face Mitt

  • Super soft application
  • Exfoliates skin before tan
  • For a more natural look
  • More even tans
  • Cruelty-free
  • Easy-to-use

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Desmond O.
This product worked better than I expected

A friend recommended this to me a while ago, but I wasn’t too sure. The idea of self-tanning seemed a far fetched but now I’m convinced, this is the greatest invention ever! The exfoliating mitt works great and the face mask is so soft, I can’t get enough of it. Definitely worth the buy!

Padeken D.
Highly Recommend...

Why am I just discovering this gem? This kit is everything! I could go on and on about the exfoliating glove but the two super soft mitts are amazing. Works perfectly and I am able to get an even tan every time. Awesome product and you get all in one!

John A.
I cannot believe how amazing this stuff is!!!!

This is amazing! I can’t stress this enough, AMAZING! If you knew how hard it was for me to get an even tan you’d think I’m lying. The mitts work great and It’s almost impossible to tell it’s a fake tan.

Barbara S.
In love with this product

The perfect way to prepare for my self tanning process. Really does remove all the dead skin and has helped my tans look better and more even all around!

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