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Hardwood Activated Charcoal 8oz

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Let's Get Dirty

Sometimes to get really clean, you have to get really dirty first. Detoxiify what your mother gave you. Use my 100% food grade activated charcoal on your face or teeth to draw out toxins, or add to organic juice for some good old fashioned internal detox. Turn down for some soul searching, getting-down-to-business, kind of cleansing.

One Bag, Endless Possibilities

Do your body some good with a bit of my activated charcoal. Perfect for those upset stomachs or mornings after you partied a little too hard. Use me on your teeth. Use on your face. Bake cookies. Shake it like a Polaroid picture (hey-yah) into your smoothie. Think you ingested some poison? Well, go to a doctor. But on the way, eat some charcoal.


For ingestion, shake a teaspoon size amount of me into your food or drink.

For teeth, apply a bit onto a moist toothbrush and brush for two minutes. Rinse and brush after with toothpaste.
For face, add a teaspoon to water and mix until you reach a ‘muddy’ consistency. Apply to clean dry face and let dry for 5-10 minutes. Wash with warm washcloth and pat dry.

All Natural Ingredients: 100% Food Grade, Fine, Activated Charcoal Powder

Clear Up Your Skin, Body, and Teeth - Naturally

Say yes to looking good and feeling cool and say buh-bye to blackheads, wine stains, and impurities. My organic, food grade powder will draw out toxins that sap your health or make you look or feel tired or bloated.

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