The Toenail Fungus Treatment
To Keep you Confident

Tired of feeling embarrased about your feet?

For many men, the emotional cost of having what they feel is embarrassing toenails is real. Say goodbye to nail fungal infections and restore your toenails with our unique blend of Tolnaftate and Puredia natural SeaBerry oil.

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Healthy Feet Are Happy Feet

Our Fungal Nail remover treats even the most obstinate nail fungus, restores nails to their original color, and even repairs damaged the skin around the nail. Formulated by a doctor, with consistent use, expect to see a visible improvement to toenail fungus in 7 days.


Our formula is 100% clean with SeaBerry grown in Tibet.


Easy-to-apply formula. Our brush on application covers infected areas easily by reaching around and under the toenail to treat the fungal infection.

Fast Action

Enjoy fast-acting results and get back to the activities you love the most.

No shoes? No problem!

A day at the beach? No problem!
Sunday Funday around the house? No problem there either!
Playing a game of Underwater Pearls with the kids? Get in and get wet!

30 million people in the U.S. suffer from nail fungus, a microscopic organism that can cause brittle or ragged nails. While unpleasant to look at, the infection is not fatal and manageable. Besides using our products to get rid of nail fungus, making a few easy lifestyle alterations can help avert a fungal infection. Take good care of your nails by keeping them well trimmed and clean.

See what our customers are saying

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My entire nail is white and thick but upon using this product, the thickness has been greatly reduced. There is still a big portion of the mail that is white, but the least infected area has returned to a healthy pink. I had no yellowing anywhere on the nail and with continued use I hope to restore the nail to health.

Mike A.

Bad tie nail for years, within 2 months amazing transformation. No gimmick, really works.

Lauren S

Ok I tried a few other things for this nail fungus but this stuff is working and quicker than expected... it’s not overnight but dang if it doesn’t work. Contains Toflinate which is hard to find in these nail fungus products. It’s a bit oily so once applied at night I use a cotton swab to gently soak up a bit of it if need. You gotta use it daily for a couple weeks. Don’t shortcut this cuz the product works. Would definitely use again.

Rashim L.

This works pretty quickly. Cut the nail short and file the top every few days. It clears up fast. I used a q tip to apply twice per day. I only do reviews on legit products!

Sara K.