DIY Beauty Bloggers

With so many thoughtful, smart and hard-working DIY beauty bloggers on the Internet, it’s never been easier for you to fill your medicine cabinet with natural, safe and well-tested products made from natural ingredients (most of which that come from your own pantry)!

There are so many amazing bloggers out there spending their time to help us make our lives cleaner and more natural.

And if you're new to the DIY beauty you might be wondering where to start? 

We’ve found 77 different bloggers and have rounded up 10 of the best we’ve come across; get ready to do some serious bookmarking!



Heather started her DIY health and beauty blog years ago after she developed an auto-immune disorder from unhealthy “healthy” living.

She’d spent so long on low fat diets that her cholesterol was undetectable— so low that her doctor told her she could never get pregnant. Three children, countless research-driven lifestyle changes and a plethora of easy-to-make, natural, healthy recipes later and Mommypotamus has become a favorite for the health-obsessed.

Head to Heather’s blog for everything from vegan ice cream to homemade natural deodorant with simple instructions and big, beautiful photos.

Wellness Mama 

If you’re a parent with a penchant for keeping a green household, Katie from Wellness Mama is your go-to girl. Her mission is simple: “to help other families live more naturally through practical tips, real food recipes, natural beauty and cleaning tutorials, natural remedies and more.”

She’s a bright, bubbly personality with an easily navigable website and blog posts chock full of awesome recipes and science-backed information on why certain conventional products are bad for you.

She even has a Podcast so you can get your natural beauty fix on your commute or tinkering in your garden.

Live Simply

Move over, Real Simple Magazine. Kristin’s photos on Live Simply look like they could be straight from Martha’s own magazine— they’re that good.

Her website is uber-professional, with two (free!) eBooks (the DIY natural cleaning crash course is a life changer), a clean layout and a perfect mix of personal antidotes and straightforward information.

It’s also cool to know that Kristin started her blog in 2013, five years after she and her husband got serious about making their own personal care and cleaning products as a part of their all-around natural lifestyle.

Simple Life Mom


Homemade mascara, people! Need we say more? Probably not— but we will anyway.

Kelly’s mission is to make homemade everything and she’s well on her way— which means you can be, too.

She’s created her own cold medicine, natural hand sanitizer and even natural mouth wash recipes. Basically, one visit to Simple Life Mom and you’ve got an entire pantry, make up bag, cleaning closet and medicine cabinet full of homemade, 100% natural products. The dedication she has to living naturally is so inspiring!

Modern Hippie Housewife 

Carly’s energy, humor and self-awareness are the three things that draw you into her blog; her expertise, wealth of knowledge and super simple natural beauty product recipes are what will keep you coming back.

She’s not preachy, eats cheese, drinks wine and, oh yeah, has her own line of natural beauty products that she makes herself. She just can’t get any cooler.

So if you’re looking to transition your beauty routine to become more natural but don’t have the time to invest in making it all yourself, Carly’s line of deodorant, body scrub, face wash, shampoo bars (to name a few) may be right up your alley.

Hybrid Rasta Mama


Jennifer is the ultimate source on all things coconut oil, and we’re not just talking about for health and beauty (though she’s got a lot of that too).

The Hybrid Rasta Mama seems to use coconut oil for everything, from treating bee stings to treating athletes foot and her articles on the topics are thorough, well-written and provide so much practical information you’ll be sure to use time and again.

Like many others on our list, Jennifer has a number of eBooks available on her website so you can go even more in-depth with her wealth of knowledge.

Emily’s Homestead 

While Emily doesn’t update her DIY natural beauty blog as much as the other women on our list (it may be because she’s constantly moving around the country with her family and military husband!), her archives are a treasure trove of shampoo bar recipes, earache remedies, homemade flu teas and a lot more.

She’s got an infectiously positive spirit that radiates through her website’s pages and will leave you feeling inspired to start your own version of a homestead.

Sustain, Create, Flow


Spend even a few minutes on Jerica’s green living website and you’ll be sure to fall in love with her and her sweet family. She has a ton of unique DIY beauty recipes like a hibiscus hair rinse that will have you kissing your expensive conditioner good-bye. Not only is Jerica adamant about using only natural personal care products in her home, she’s also incredibly frugal and ensures that she's sticking within her family’s budget— a concern so many of us can relate to. Be sure to check out her DIY solid perfume tutorial; they’re perfect for throwing into your purse for touch ups throughout the sweaty summer months ahead!


  1. A Pumpkin and a Princess


For all the natural beauty product lovers out there who may also have a sweet tooth, Crystal’s blog is a must-read. She’s got recipes for super luxe homemade rose petal body scrubs next to Samoas ice cream cupcake recipes…basically, every girl’s dream blog. Crystal’s DIY beauty recipes are indulgent, nourishing and incredibly addictive. Literally every single one would be an amazing gift for any of the women in your life (yourself included, obviously).


  1. Little Green Dot


Fair warning: one visit to Militza’s Sinapore-based DIY beauty blog and you’ll be immediately jealous of her tropical lifestyle. She provides her readers with so much original content, both on her blog, on her Facebook page and Instagram, you’ll need a few hours just to comb through her archives! She gives out helpful quick tips like how to quickly re-hydrate your skin (spoiler alert: argan oil!) and longer recipes like a DIY chai tea bath salt recipe (can you even?!). She’s gorgeous, her photos are gorgeous, her website is gorgeous…you’ll no doubt want to follow her every suggestion to a T.