Best Beauty Products for Skin & Body

Fungal Nail Eliminator
SAY GOODBYE TO UGLY TOENAILS Eliminate nail fungal infections and restore your toenails with our unique blend of...
THE BEST INGREDIENTS FOR YOU Our combination of potent acne-fighting ingredients combined with our gentle, naturally beneficial SeaBerry...
This luxurious, nutrient-rich collagen cream will help your skin look fairer and more translucent by giving it a...
BEST SHOE DEODORIZER AND FOOT ODOR SPRAY Our sweet peppermint, natural shoe deodorizer, and foot spray is made...
100% PURE ESSENTIAL OILS Our foot soak contains 100% Australian Tea Tree Oil, with a blend of supportive,...
The Best Rose Moisturizer Our fresh rose moisturizer is an anti-aging, light-weight cream made with our unique blend...
FRESH WITHOUT THE PRESERVATIVES Activated charcoal binds to toxins to remove surface stains naturally without hurting your smile...
THE BEST NATURAL BEAUTY CAPSULES Our signature anti-aging pills are formulated with natural aloe vera and vitamin E....
Rosehip Oil and Gold Dust for a More Radiant You This multi-purpose beauty oil works wonders for your...
BE CONFIDENT, BE YOU Wear sandals with confidence, when you use Gold Mountain Beauty Intensive Repair Serum. Designed...
THE BEST COLLAGEN CAPSULES The reduction of wrinkles and skin blemishes is a key benefit of supplementing collagen...
FEEL GOOD HEAD TO TOE Enjoy soft, fresh-smelling feet with Gold Mountain Beauty’s Foot Therapy Exfoliant. Our unique...

Penetrate to the core of nail fungus and remove it for good. Nourishes skin and nails and repairs toenail and fingernail damage to give you beautiful skin and nails.

$40.00 $25.00

Helps dry up pesky problems overnight and target whiteheads while you sleep


Our lightening cream with collagen formula works deeply in the skin to brighten and fade dark spots, hyper-pigmentation, tightening and refining pores on the face


We've hand picked the strongest ingredients to fight tough odors. Our products use high quality natural ingredients to safely but effectively eliminate odor.


Tackles athletes foot and nail fungus infections. Formulated to improve the overall health and appearance of your feet & nails


Hyaluronic Acid helps maintain a more youthful elasticity by trapping skin's moisture, which may help reduce the appearance of fine lines.


Instantly whiter teeth without sensitivity. Our organic charcoal is the best all-natural teeth whitening formula on the market. It's safer than bleach based whitening strips and gel trays.


These teardrop-shaped capsules are a thing of beauty, but their real magic comes out when they're opened up. Smooth it over the face to minimize the appearance of wrinkles.


This gold-infused beauty oil that’s rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. A fast-absorbing, dry oil that absorb into your skin, leaving your skin naturally glowing and radiant.


It's unique combination of skin softening, moisturizing and exfoliating ingredients deliver visible results overnight for severely dry feet and cracked heels.


Get your daily does of youth-promoting and anti-aging vitamins. Collagen is the protein that gives our skin elasticity, makes hair and nails strong and maintains bone and joint strength.


Cleanse, deodorize and exfoliate while leaving your feet feeling clean and silky smooth. Organic beeswax microbeads remove impurities and odors while scrubbing away dry skin.