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Why do I have foot fungus and how to get rid of it for good?

Foot fungus is not fun, we can all agree on that! But on how did you get it? Well, that's a harder job.

Foot fungus is more commonly acquired through sharing personal items with someone that already has the infection; we are talking about socks, shoes, towels, shower, the possibilities are endless. But another very common way is through the use of public spaces, such as gym shower rooms, getting your nails done at the saloon, or just walking barefoot in public spaces.

Sadly the fungi that cause foot fungus are found everywhere in the environment, including the soil. Therefore, even if you avoid locations like common shower stalls, it is still possible to pick up the infection.

So, how can we treat foot fungus? A fungal infection has to be cut down from the root, quite literally, commonly in foot infections they source is at the heel, living within the skin, this fungus will travel up to your nail and infect it as well. This means we have to treat the entire foot to be able to eliminate it completely.

The first thing is good hygiene, and to use products designed for a fungal infection.

We recommend a three-step routine to get rid of those little guys.

We start with a scrub that you use in the shower, you will have to rub it in all over your feet. The Foot Therapy Exfoliant will remove dead skin, improve dry cracked heels, callouses and overworked feet. It gets his scrubbiness from beeswax, making it eco-friendly. But perhaps the most important thing is that it is Doctor Formulated and that it is safe for diabetics to use.

After you have scrubbed your feet you need to apply some kind of moisturizer, one that will target the infection. We recommend the same line as the scrub, this time it will be the Intensive Repair Serum. It was formulated to relieve scaling and cracking heels. It has a unique blend of Tolnaftate and SeaBerry Oil that will be the perfect combo when it comes to saying bye bye to your fungus. Same as the scrub it is Doctor Formulated and Diabetics safe.


And do you remember what we said about the fungus migrating throughout your feet? This is why we need to treat our toenails as well. And this time we are going to go with the Fungal Nail Eliminator. It comes in a handy polish bottle with a brush applicator, perfect to get around, over and under your nails.


Follow this routine and you will be fungus free, especially right in this season. Wearing socks and boots all day is the perfect environment for fungus to thrive.

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