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Why clean ingredients are so important for us and for you?

How does the beauty industry work?
The last time a regulation for the beauty industry passed was in 1938. Ever since, companies that make products that we use every day have been free to use any ingredient they want, even some very well known toxic ingredients, as carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. This goes hand in hand with marketing as well, companies use this "organic" "clean" terms when they don't match the ingredient list.
Why we only have products with clean ingredients?
Here at Gold Mountain Beauty, we take pride in having only natural, organic and clean ingredients you can understand when you read them. We are pretty sure you don't want crazy ingredients as antifreeze sinking into your face or getting into your body.
We believe that safety should be a standard in the beauty industry. We believe in honoring our ingredients and keeping them in their most natural and healthful state. No greenwashing here!
As Dr. Erika Klemperer, a dermatologist from Santa Barbara, California states "Personal care products are a significant source of potential toxic exposure and this is a place where we can reclaim control. We no longer need to compromise efficacy or luxury with such products, as natural plant-based products are leading the way in the green beauty movement."
We are here to help make your transition an easy step, and congratulations to you for taking the biggest step yet! The decision of transition to clean beauty.

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