What are the most popular drinks during the holidays?

What are the most popular drinks during the holidays?
Is it us or do you also feel like this season is all about the drinks? First, we have Thanksgiving and the drinking starts, we then keep drinking until New Years. Even though the period of time between those is quite large.

Now, we are not here to scold anyone on their drinking, but rather give some facts about alcohol and how it can affect your smile.

Let’s start with some quick facts. The top five drinking days in the United States are:

  • New Year’s Eve
  • Christmas 
  • Fourth of July 
  • St. Patrick’s Day 
  • Thanksgiving

The average U.S adult alcohol consumption is:

  • Seven alcoholic drinks per week
  • Men consume two more drinks than women
  • 83% think more than two drinks is excessive vs. 49% thinks more than five are

Now that the facts are out of the way, don’t you want to know what are these drinks that people are consuming? As for the ladies, it is wine and champagne, but frozen margaritas are a number one when talking about cocktails. Those tiny umbrellas are too cute.

For the gentlemen, it is beer and spirits, but when asking for a cocktail it is going to be most of the times some beer-based drink, shots or on the rocks.

As for crowd favorite, we have red wine is the most popular drink by 28%, followed by Vodka 27%, beer-lagers 26%, beer-ales and white wine 24%, rum, whiskey, tequila and sparkling’s. If you are hosting any party this season, now you know what is going to keep everyone happy.

After all this drinking, you might wonder what can go bad in your body? And we know the fast side effects, headaches, dehydration, nasty hangovers and more. But if red wine is your drink of choice, you can get an extra one, that it affects your smile. This is mainly because red wine is an acidic beverage, and this allows for your teeth to get stained, due to a chemical process that encourages pigment to latch onto your smile.

If you are a red wine drinker and want to keep having a pearly white smile, these are some of your options, they range from over the counter to office visits. As for over the counter, you can have toothpaste, rinses, gels and pre-made trays. We have all tried those and they don't work as well or as fast as we want. Of course, you can always get a professional procedure at a dentist office but those are going to be pricey.

There’s also a natural way for you to whiten your smile. It is activated charcoal, it will help you get rid of stains and prevent them since it latches to the surface of your teeth preventing future stains. You have to brush your teeth with the powder and see the results for yourself. It is quick, natural, you can do at home and it works!

Now that you know how to keep your smile white and how to stock up your holiday party, please enjoy this amazing time of the year and drink responsibly.

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