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Toenail Fungus Vinegar Soak: Natural Treatment in 5 Steps

Toenail Fungus Vinegar Soak: Natural Treatment in 5 Steps

Toenail fungus is a really nasty condition.

While it can look really bad visually, it becomes even worse when you consider the fact that it can get worse. Simply put, not only is it long-lasting, but it also tends to spread. This type of fungus can also lead to some other complications, which is why you need to address it as soon as possible.

Why vinegar treatment for toenail fungus?

One of the less common ways of treating toenail fungus is with vinegar.

Although this might seem strange, there are lots of people who prefer using this product. Unlike your regular fungus medicines, vinegar doesn't cause any side effects. It is very natural, which is why you should at least consider using it.

In this article, we will analyze some pros and cons of toenail fungus vinegar treatment.

How much can vinegar help?

In a nutshell, toenail fungus and vinegar are a match made in heaven!

As you might know, our grandmas used vinegar for basically everything. Among others, it makes a great impact on the fungus. All you need to do is soak your feet in it. Keep in mind that toenail fungus vinegar treatment takes time, so you need to be really persistent!

Although many people swear this can work, there is no substantial medical evidence to support it. Nevertheless, there are lots of cases in practices where vinegar worked on mild infections.

As previously mentioned, unlike drugs, there are no side effects to worry about. Antifungal drugs are especially troublesome for people with a bad liver, so this would be a great alternative.

In most cases, doctors recommend regular pharmaceuticals. Even if you cannot use oral drugs, there are lots of topical creams for fungus. You can either get tablets, nail polish, or cream.

No matter what, patients are required to do blood tests before they can use these drugs, which speaks volumes regarding their volatility. 

What is the secret of vinegar soak?

The main reason why vinegar works is because it is acidic. In nature, acidic substances have a strong impact on fungus and bacteria.

The great thing about this aqueous solution is that it is completely safe. It is a substance that we put in food all the time, so there is no issue putting it on your feet or soaking them in vinegar. Depending on the severity of a case, the treatment can either slow down the fungus or eliminate it completely.

Vinegar basically makes your body less hospitable to various fungus attacks by increasing the pH levels of your skin. In that sense, it can also be used for prevention or early stages. Our grandmas have used it for various infections, so it all adds up. 

While some people are reluctant to use it due to a lack of medical evidence, it is a product that has been used historically.

Soaking your feet in vinegar

Soaking your feet in vinegar is a pretty easy process. You can do almost at any time, while you're at home. It doesn't require long preparation, and you should be able to do other things while soaking.

  1. Start by buying a bottle of vinegar. If you wish to commit to this natural toenail fungus treatment, you might as well but several bottles as it might take some time to eliminate fungus completely. It doesn't matter which brand you're using. The only that you need to pay attention to is its pH level – it should be around 2 or 3
  2. Buy a bowl or a vessel that will be used specifically for this purpose. We suggest that you discard when treatment is over. Add one part vinegar and one part water. The proportion should be 50% to 50%, but it doesn't matter if you overdo it a bit.
  3. You can also add some other substances in minor quantities. For example, some people like to put a few drops of essential oils to eliminate the smell. However, do not experiment too much as there is a chance that you can disturb the pH levels.
  4. You need to soak your feet each day for 20 to 30 minutes. They shouldn’t be soaked for more than 30 minutes.
  5. Wiping your feet is very important. The fungus is thriving in a moist environment. This is precisely why some people use vinegar therapy for a long time without any results. Needless to say, the treatment should be continued until there is no longer fungus on your feet. If the condition worsens, make sure to contact a doctor and try with something else.

Last considerations

Toenail fungus vinegar treatment can be troublesome for people with sensitive skin. In fact, it can even lead to irritation. But, that doesn't mean you cannot use it. Just make sure to soak your feet for a bit shorter duration, let's say 10 to 15 minutes. You can also add water to the mixture, so it is less effective. 

If vinegar isn't providing any substantial improvement, you can try increasing the length of the treatment or reducing the amount of water. 

Keep in mind there are lots of different natural solutions to toenail fungus. Even if you don’t like the idea of soaking your feet in vinegar, there are other options you might consider using.

No matter what, try to keep in touch with your doctor. You should control the state of fungus as you go forward. Even though you don’t need drugs, you should still consult with a professional who can give you a valid tip.

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