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Spring Is Here, Are You Ready To Transform Your Balcony Into An Oasis?

Spring Is Here, Are You Ready To Transform Your Balcony Into An Oasis?
Now that spring is here you might want to start spending more time outdoors. Perhaps, you have always dreamt of having a garden where you can sip on your morning coffee or where to have Sunday brunch. Some of us don't have a yard but live in a city, where a little balcony is what we have access to; but fear not! We are here to help you transform that balcony into your oasis.

Here are the quick steps you'll need to make to ensure garden success.

1. How much time do you have to maintain your garden? Are you a beginner? Answer these questions before buying any kind of plants
2. Sketch out your balcony space and how you want to place everything. This will help you when getting your supplies, also add measurements of your balcony. We don't want to buy a table that doesn't fit chairs, right?
3. BUDGET! Set up one, plants can get very expensive easily, especially if we fall in love with an Instagram popular Fig Tree, that will probably die (They are temperamental!).
4. Think about watering! where does your balcony face? South or West facing balconies will need more water.
5. Are you out of the city often? If you are traveling during the summer, you will need to have a plan for watering, friends, neighbors or a watering system are good options.
6. When is your balcony getting sunlight? The plants you might end up getting will be based on how much sunlight your balcony gets.
7. If your apartment is rented check with your building manager first. Some buildings prohibit suspending planters and over the railing pots.
8. Grow flowers to give color to your balcony, of course, this is al depending on your taste, but no one will say flowers are not pretty to look at!
9. Give attention to space and choose flowering plants according to it. For example, you can grow climbing plants as they acquire vertical space or if you have more room, plant shrubs in pots.
10. Grow seasonal and annual plants. Exotic and seasonal are great but don't forget about the native plants as they will be the easiest to grow and maintain.
11. The brightness of your balcony is an important step. This will come to play when selecting the plants you are going to get, shaded balconies are great for ferns and ivies. While balconies with a lot of light exposure can go away with shrubs, citrus or even roses.
12. The flowers and plants you choose to grow may not necessarily bloom all year on your balcony. So, choose the plants according to the season.
13. Think about the type of pots you need to have for the balcony garden.
14. Have fun! This is going to be your space, select color and plants that make you happy and fit your needs. Something where you can space and enjoy some me time.

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