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Puffy Eyes: How to Fix Dark Circles and Bags Under Eyes?

Puffy Eyes: How to Fix Dark Circles and Bags Under Eyes?

For most people, puffy eyes don't seem like a big problem. We are all tired from time to time, so it makes sense to have dark circles under the eyes.

But what if you constantly have bags under your eyes? Does this indicate a bigger health issue, and how should we treat it?

There are a lot of different reasons why people have bags under their eyes. We usually associate this problem with a lack of sleep.

Unfortunately, there are other reasons why we might experience this issue. If you neglect it for too long, it might lead to some dire consequences.

Even if puffy eyes are not caused by a medical problem, they can seriously compromise our physical appearance. They can be a hindrance to our work and our romantic life. This is why you should treat the problem as soon as you notice it.

Here are some of the main reasons why you might have bags under the eyes and how to treat it. Check it out!

The main causes of dark circles under our eyes

As already mentioned, there are lots of different reasons why you might have puffy eyes. Some of them might be obvious (for example, you cried all night long), while other reasons might be a bit more sinister and hard to determine.

Bags under eyes are basically an inflammatory reaction. The whole area will become swollen. Sometimes, the dark circles will persist for a longer time.

Although most people perceive it as a visual issue, it can also be caused by a health breakdown.

  • Insomnia or lack of sleep

People who are suffering from insomnia usually have bags under the eyes. As already mentioned, this is the first association that we have when we see a person with this issue. You can easily determine if the issue is caused by this problem. Just consider whether or not you're getting enough sleep and if you don't, make sure to get some additional rest in the following weeks. Alternatively, if you're suffering from insomnia, consult a medical expert as to how to fix it. By fixing the root problem, you will also eliminate puffy eyes.

  • Allergies

As you can presume, allergic reactions are another reason why a person may experience puffy eyes. The body will release an excess amount of histamine, which will cause a reaction that is similar to inflammation. Besides bags under your eyes, you may also experience some other symptoms such as itchy, watery eyes. Like with any other similar reaction, it is very important to avoid contact with the area. Otherwise, there is a chance that things will become even nastier.

  • Sensitive skin

Based on the previous entry, it is safe to conclude that sensitive skin is especially prone to this type of reaction. You don't necessarily have to be allergic to have dark circles under eyes. Even smaller reactions can lead to the issue. Unfortunately, like with allergies, there is very little that you can do to treat the underlying issues. You cannot be proactive, but instead, you need to be reactive and treat the problem once it appears.

  • Changes in temperature

Puffy eyes may also be caused by temperature changes. The issue is especially common during the winter when our body isn't getting enough humidity. Most of us have a heater turned on during the winter, which causes our skin to dry up. As a result, you will develop irritation and puffiness.

  • Medical conditions

Unfortunately, having puffy eyes can indicate a more serious medical issue. It can be a sign that there is something wrong with your kidneys or that you're having issues with the thyroid gland. This is why you have to go to a doctor if you notice that bags under your eyes are simply not receding even if you're using on the popular home remedies.

  • Aging

Lastly, bags under your eyes may be caused by aging. As we get older, it becomes harder and harder to hydrate the skin. Wrinkles will also start appearing on our faces, and we will become more prone to irritations and allergies. To make things even worse, the sun will also have an impact on our skin quality. As a result of all this, you might develop dark circles under your eyes.

Treatments for puffy eyes

There are lots of things you can do to eliminate bags under your eyes. Keep in mind that most of these underlying issues are hard to treat. You really can’t do much about allergies, sensitivity, or aging. But, you can definitely remove or alleviate the consequences such as the puffy eyes.

Here are some of the things you can try:

  • Using spoons

Now, this might seem a bit ridiculous to some, but spoons are actually a great way to treat puffy eyes. Just take two spoons and cool them off under a stream of cold water. After that, lay down and place the spoons on your eyes. Leave them for a minute. The cold metal should help alleviate some of the issues, such as irritation.

  • Tea Bags

Teabags are another good way to eliminate the issue. The secret lies in tannins, a common substance found in tea. They have a lot of beneficial properties, and in this particular case, they can alleviate some of the underlying issues that lead to puffy eyes.

  • Natural remedies

There are a lot of natural remedies that we can use for this condition. For example, you can use avocado. Just put a slice of it under your bags, and it should reduce the swelling.

You can also make a paste out of it and combine it with other ingredients such as milk and almonds. There is also a cucumber that is often used for areas around the eyes, and it is one of the most popular vegetables for face treatment.

The secret behind cucumber is its high ascorbic and caffeic acid content. These substances help by reducing excess humidity that appears within the bags. It also has a positive impact by reducing the darker skin undertones.

Lastly, we also have to mention potatoes. They have a lot of vitamin C, enzymes, and starch. The combination of substances works well for puffy eyes. Potato reduces inflammation while also producing a whitening effect. 


Dark circles around your eyes can be an indication of a serious medical condition.

But, in most cases, they are simply caused by exhaustion and lack of sleep. We recommend that you restore balance to your body before asking for professional medical help.

There are lots of treatments at your disposal, so you might as well try and implement some of the suggestions recommended in this article.

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