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Pomegranate Seed Oil: 14 Benefits For Your Hair & Skin

Pomegranate Seed Oil: 14 Benefits For Your Hair & Skin

It was the early 2000s when pomegranate juice became a pop-culture juggernaut, its antioxidant health benefits getting touted everywhere you lookedin magazines, on television, and in grocery stores. And the overnight success wasnt an accident.

In a 2006 Chowhound article titled "Why Pomegranate, and Why Now?", author Paul Somerson traces the fruits North American commercial success to one source: Paramount Farming. The major California-based agriculture business bought a 100-acre plot of pomegranates in the late 1980s; after some time, they realized the health (and financial!) benefits of pomegranate juice and began bottling Pom Wonderful.

Since then, this fruit and its juice have become a staple in grocery stores (and cocktail bars!) and are no longer regulated to natural food stores or farmers markets. But theres another natural wellness offshoot that is just as beneficial to both your internal and external healthpomegranate seed oil!

How is Pomegranate Seed Oil Made?

This natural product is made by compressing the pomegranate seeds to extract the oils. Introducing heat to this process helps create more oil output but ultimately robs the oil of its inherent nutrients. So when it comes to pomegranate oil, our motto is simple: Cold-pressed is best! Cold press seals in the seedsnatural antioxidants, enzymes, and nutrients.

How Do You Use It?

You can use pomegranate seed oil two ways; either internally as a pill for internal health benefits or externally as an oil for skincare benefits.

Organic vs. Conventional Oil

We always recommend you use organic pomegranate seed oil (as well as with any other ingredients youre using, of course). As Somerson stated in the Chowhound article, pomegranates are susceptible to aphids, whiteflies, and fungus so many plots are treated twice a year with a pesticide.

While its impossible to know exactly what chemicals are used in the pesticide and how harmful they are, we always recommend organic before conventional. If you cant find organic, try and find an oil that is made from fruits at a farm that follows natural farming guidelines as much as possible.

Pomegranates: An Antioxidant Superstar

Antioxidant: its a major buzzword in the natural wellness spaceand for good reason. Whether youve been on the natural wellness tip for years or youre just getting on board, were pretty sure youve heard the term before. But what are antioxidants, exactly, and why are they so crucial to your health?

Antioxidants are naturally occurring substances found in fruit and vegetables that help stop cells from oxidizing in your body. These oxidants, or free radicals, attack healthy cells in your body which causes a chain reaction of unstable, unhealthy cells.

Antioxidants help reduce the number of free radicals in your body and have been linked in helping to prevent cancer, diabetes and accelerated aging due to pollution, smoking, radiation and herbicides.

Punicic Acid - It’s a Good Thing!

It may sound a little scary, but punicic acid is actually an Omega-5 fatty acid that may contain cancer prevention properties and pomegranates contain a high parentage of the acid in its seeds.

Pomegranates are ranked in the top 5 fruits in antioxidant levels and most of its health, skin and hair benefits are derived from these antioxidants in one way or another.

Pomegranate Oil Benefits for Health

    • Regulates cholesterol. Flavonoids have been shown to help lower cholesterol naturally and these fruits are (surprise!) rich in the antioxidant.

    • Strengthens immunity. Pomegranates are also high in both Vitamin B and Vitamin C which help keep your immune system strong.

    • Fights free radicals. As we stated earlier, pomegranates are packed full of antioxidants, which are scientifically proven to fight free radicals— thus an important natural player in the fight against cancer.

    • Anti-inflammatory. From eczema to sunburns, psoriasis to hangovers, inflamed skin comes in a variety of forms— and severity. Red, puffy, itchy skin is both unsightly and uncomfortable and the anti-inflammatory properties in pomegranate seed oil help soothe irritated skin by accelerating cell rejuvenation.

    • Aids weight loss. Flavonoids also help prevent the build-up of fatty tissue so pomegranate seed oil pills are an incredibly powerful supplement for people trying to maintain their current weight or as an addition to a weight loss program.

    Pomegranate Oil Benefits for Skin

      • Punicic acid has natural moisture-retention properties that help keep your skin looking and feeling plump, hydrated and young. We love it as a luxe, nourishing nighttime moisturizer.
      • It helps balance hormones. Pomegranate oil can drastically help those suffering from acne by re-training the oil-producing glands to slow production and by balancing out-of-sorts hormones.
      • Anti-aging. Inflammatory responses to free radicals and collagen destruction are two major contributors to aging skin. The antioxidants found in pomegranate seed oil help quick cell turnover and reduce inflammation.
      • Keratinocytes are cells found in the skin’s outer most layer. Pomegranate seed oil naturally stimulates the turn over of these cells, which keeps the skin firm and young-looking (bye-bye, wrinkles!).
        • Sunburn relief. Like raspberry seed oil, pomegranate seed oil contains high levels of Ellagic acid which have been proven to help treat sunburns. Apply it directly to sunburned skin for instant soothing.

      Pomegranate Oil Benefits for Hair

        • Locks in moisture. In the same way that pomegranate seed oil helps keep your skin plump and hydrated, it also helps keep each strand of your tresses moisture-rich.
        • Stimulates scalp health. The high levels of antioxidants and vitamins promote blood circulation to the scalp and strengthen blood vessels near the hair follicles. Long, shiny hair starts at the roots, so a healthy scalp means healthy hair!
        • Accelerates hair growth. Over time, our hairs natural oils, dandruff and hair products can clog our scalps pores, damaging hair follicles and stunting hair growth. Pomegranate seed oil keeps our scalp clean and free of debris so it can grow freely!
        • Frizz control. Pomegranate seed oil helps tame flyaways, frizz, and unruly curls by coating the hair follicles. When your hair is wet, work a couple of drops of the oil through it, concentrating on the ends.


        DIY Beauty Products With Pomegranate Seed Oil

        Were not above slathering this organic oil all over our face on its own; with all the benefits we just listed above, its definitely a skincare all-star in its own right. But were also total product junkies and especially love making our own DIY recipes whenever we can.

        Weve rounded up five of our favorite DIY recipes that use pomegranate seed oil as the main ingredient. If youre interested in making a specific recipe, we encourage you to visit the original source; were thankful so many natural wellness bloggers have allowed us to republish their original work here and would love for you to discover them on your own!

        Geranium Pomegranate Serum Overnight Skin Treatment 

        Pomegranate Serum

        Image & Recipe Credit: Jenni Raincloud

        A few of the Ingredients:

        • Rosehip Seed oil
        • Jojoba oil
        • Pomegranate Seed oil
        • Geranium essential oil

        This ultra-hydrating serum is an effective option for those with dry skin, especially in the winter months. It’s full of antioxidants and Vitamin C and won’t clog pores. It also minimizes wrinkles, restores elasticity, regenerates skin cells and fades dark spots. Added geranium and lavender both have anti-inflammatory properties that will help soothe stressed skin.

        For the full recipe check out Jenni's blog.

        Anti-Aging Rosehip Facial Oil

        anti aging serum pomegranate oil

        Image & Recipe Credit: Hello Glow

        A few of the Ingredients:

        • Jojoba oil
        • Rosehip seed oil
        • Pomegranate seed oil
        • Evening primrose oil
        • Vitamin E capsules

        Carrot seed oil works in conjunction with pomegranate seed oil to deliver skin-healing antioxidant properties. Evening primrose oil helps fade bruises and heal eczema and Frankincense oil is hydrating and contains anti-aging properties. Add ingredients to a 1-ounce dropper bottle and shake well to combine. Apply 3 drops to your face every night to clean skin.

        Want to make this? Check out the recipe and instructions on Hello Glow!

        Nourishing Skin Serum

        Mountain Rose Blog

        A Few of the Ingredients:

        • Sunflower oil
        • Tamanu oil
        • Rosehip oil
        • Pomegranate seed oil
        • Vitamin E oil

        Tamanu oil, from the Tamanu tree, found primarily in Southeast Asian countries, is a rich natural oil that has been used for centuries as a topical aid for skin issues like bug bites, eczema, burns, cuts, acne scars, diaper rash, sunburn, and blisters. It’s also a favorite for simply promoting healthy, clear skin— a real multi-tasker!. This facial serum is great as an oil or an all-over body moisturizer!

        Anti-Aging Pomegranate Oil Moisturizer

        The Pedicure Room


        • Cocoa butter
        • Jojoba oil
        • Pomegranate seed oil
        • Aloe vera gel

         If you’re looking for an all-over body lotion, this is simple to make and super hydrating. Make a big batch at once— we have a feeling you’ll be going through this one pretty quickly.

        Hair Tonic for Hair

        Natural Oils for Hair

        Pomegranate seed oil naturally hydrates dull, dry hair and helps keep it healthy and shiny. You can apply a few drops of it directly onto damp hair or follow the recipe for this simple hair tonic for an even more nourishing experience.


        • Pomegranate seed oil
        • Castor oil
        • Almond oil
        • Grapeseed oil
        • Vitamin E oil

        Mix ingredients together in an amber jar and leave in a cool, dry place for one week. Apply 5 to 8 drops in your hair 1 to 2 times a week in the shower. Let sit for approximately 15 minutes before rinsing out; shampoo and condition as usual.

        Where To Buy Pomegranate Seed Oil

        You can find this natural product at most health food stores, natural grocery stores and natural beauty shops. Of course, there are also a number of online stores and brands you can purchase your oil from; weve rounded up five of our favorites below for easy shopping!

          • Leven Rose
          • Goddess of Spring
          • Piping Rock
          • Vitamin Global
          • Nature’s Gift

          Oils— Our Favorite Beauty Product

          Weve already waxed poetic here on our love for natural oils as an everyday part of our skincare routine. Using oils as moisturizers is such a fantastic way to keep your skin healthy and hydratedno matter if you suffer from oily, dry or combination skin.

          In fact, chronically oily skin (and subsequent acne) is often caused by you stripping your skin of any moisture at all in an effort to combat oil. It may seem counterintuitive, but your body is incredibly adaptive; when you take away moisture (in an effort to cut down on oil or acne), your sebum glands actually ramp up oil production to make up for the lost hydration. So, the more you strip, the more oil your skin produces.

          Its a vicious cycle and one that can be stopped by using natural oils like pomegranate seed oil as a skincare step. This organic product can help regulate your skins natural oil production, keeping the levels in healthy balance (and your skin looking flawless!).

          It is a wonderful addition to any natural beauty cabinet; put your bottle alongside your Vitamin E, Argan oil, Jojoba and Coconut oil for a strong oil regimen that’ll get you through even the most serious skincare issues.

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