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Pimple Cream: 10 Best Pimple Creams on the Market

Pimple Cream: 10 Best Pimple Creams on the Market

Although acne and pimples are often regarded as benign problems, they can ruin people's confidence and quality of life. The worst thing yet is that they start appearing during the teenage years, a period when we're most vulnerable.

Whether you're a teenager or an adult, it is essential to take all the necessary measures in eliminating pimples and acne. As bad as it sounds, people are too focused on physical appearances, so we need to do everything in our power to remove these small imperfections.

Here are some of the 10 best pimple creams according to customer reviews!

1) Differin Adapalene Gel 0.1% Acne Treatment

No matter the pimple cream, it is often hard to find the best one in its category. However, when it comes to acne treatment, we think we found our winner. Most dermatologists recommend Differin Adapalene Gel for acne and pimple treatment. The exciting thing is that this drug was previously prescription-only, but that has changed as of late. That in itself talks volume to its potency. Differin is a retinol gel that can contain and eliminate facial inflammations. To an extent, it can also be used for dark spots. Like any other similar drug, it provides the best results when used regularly.

2) The Ordinary Retinol 0.5% Squalane

Although acne and pimples are not something you should save on, there are still people who are unable to buy high-quality, high-price stuff. Instead, they would go for best buy pimple cream such as The Ordinary Retinol. Even the bottle looks cheap! But, don't be fooled by the appearances as this drug can do a perfect job. As the name implies, the main focus is on retinol. This substance is recognized as one of the best options for acne. Doctors suggest that you start with a smaller concentration and go up over time.

3) Kamedis Acne Spot Treatment with Salicylic Acid

Like previously mentioned retinol, salicylic acid is another substance that is commonly used by cosmetic companies. Besides the fact it can help with various other skin issues, it is especially potent for pimples. The drug is able to penetrate deep into the spores and flush out everything that is inside. So, it can also work for blackheads. Doctors recommend this product as something that can adequately exfoliate the skin, but also provide nutrients with anti-inflammatory properties.

4) Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment

Clean & Clear is one of the more renowned products within the cosmetic industry. It is comparatively cheap, you can find it almost anywhere, and it provides excellent results. The pimple cream is based on salicylic acid, and it is one of the optimal drugs for acne. It works by drying up acne and clearing your face. It can also be very soothing for your skin.

5) Neutrogena On-The-Stop Acne Spot Treatment

No matter where you live in Europe or the US, there is a good chance you've seen Neutrogena commercials. This fantastic drug is based on benzoyl peroxide, a common antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory substance. The drug has a two-fold impact, treating both issues simultaneously and potentially leading to cleaner skin. Although some scientists dispute the efficiency of benzoyl peroxide, as something that causes irritation, it has been proven that the substance works very well in smaller quantities.

6) Effaclar Duo

Here is another drug that utilizes benzoyl peroxide to its maximum effect. It works well for exfoliating skin and removing and excess oil. Besides benzoyl peroxide, the drug also has lipo-hydroxy acid. The combination works well for treating several symptoms at the same time.

7) Boscia Charcoal Spot Corrector

Although this might sound strange, charcoal still remains one of the more common cosmetic substances. As something that has been used for thousands of years, its effect has been proven numerous times over. Charcoal works by absorbing oils and bacteria, which would leave your skin much cleaner. There is also salicylic acid that helps liberate the spores.

8) Proactiv X Out Spot Corrector

Although sulfur is not the most common substance in cosmetic products, and pimple creams, in particular, Proactiv X did a great job utilizing the component. It has great antimicrobial properties, which will prevent further spread of bacteria on your face. Sulfur is also good because it doesn't dry out your skin. But, there is much more to the drug than simple sulfur. Proactiv X also has tea tree oil, which is a potent anti-inflammatory substance. 

9) Kiehl's Since 1851 Breakout Control Spot Treatment

Here is another treatment based on sulfur. Like the previous entry on our list, Kiehl's is well-known for destroying bacteria and preventing further spread of pimples. It does a great job of removing everything from your pores. Furthermore, it will reduce the inflammation. Lastly, Vitamin B3 will have a positive impact on preventing any discoloration.

10) Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

The last entry on our list is also based on sulfur. However, it also has a lot of zinc oxide, which is pretty amazing at removing oils from your skin. The addition of salicylic acid will help to eliminate anything that was building up inside of your pores. So, once you're finished, your skin will be in a much better state compared to what it was before.


Here are our 10 best pimple creams on the market. Each one of them is great in its own regard. However, it all depends on how well you react.

Some of them might be beneficial for your skin, while others will barely help you. No matter what, give them all a chance and continue using the one that did the best job!

Let us know which of one of our suggestions has become your favorite pimple cream of them all.

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