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Laser Toenail Fungus Removal: How and Does It Work?

Laser Toenail Fungus Removal: How and Does It Work?

Did you know that FDA approves laser treatment for toenail fungus?

If you have little or no experience with this condition, you might think that this is a bit excessive. In the end, aren't their drugs that can help you with this? Unfortunately, it turns out that most medicines for toenail fungus are very risky. Some of them can seriously endanger your liver and heart, which is why more and more people are looking for alternatives such as laser treatment for toenail fungus. 

Although laser has their own risks (such as mild pain or bleeding), they are considered much safer than the traditional drugs. In the end, they don't cause long-term effects. But keep in mind that even with laser therapy, you might need some time to treat this condition. Most of the patients will require several treatments until they see results. The whole treatment can last anywhere from 6 to 18 months.

How does toenail fungus look like?

Diagnosing toenail fungus is not that hard. The change is visual and very obvious. To make matters even worse, the toenails will gradually deteriorate as the infestation continues. The fungus has the habit of infesting the surrounding tissue, so don't be surprised if it starts appearing on other toenails.

Toenails will hate white, yellow, or brown discoloration, and there will be some flaky debris on or under the toenail. At one point, the whole toenail may come off. The affected area will become thicker, and its texture will change. This can also be followed by a change of shape.

The impact of laser therapy

The great thing about laser therapy is that everything is regulated. FDA regularly updates its list of devices that can be used for this particular issue. A patient will always be safe, and will always know what works and what doesn't.

According to studies (as well as practice), laser treatment has eliminated fungus from over 50% of participants. The most unfortunate thing about this condition is that fungus is very pesky and can easily reaper. This is why a person needs to be really thorough and continue the therapy even if it seems that everything is ok. Fungus goes under your toenails, and oftentimes, we don't notice there is some of it left on our body.

How does laser removal work for the toenail fungus?

You're probably interested to learn how a laser works on fungal nail infection.

Basically, a device will send a ray of energy heating the surrounding tissue. The laser goes so deep that it will affect both the toenail as well as the toenail bed. In other words, it will treat both the surface issue (that which we can see) as well as the underneath problem.

It basically kills off the microorganisms that are present on our bodies. At the same time, the experts will try their best to minimize the negative impact. In other words, they will try to reduce the chance of bleeding or some other negative effects.

How does the therapy go?

First of all, it is necessary for a patient to have a consultation with the doctors. It has to be established whether or not this is really a case of toenail fungus. The experts may also file down the nail in order to treat it more efficiently later on. While it is really easy to deduce if you have this condition, most clinics will take a sample.

A session usually lasts around 30 minutes, and it will be performed on all affected nails. In some cases, the experts may also work on healthy nails. As previously mentioned, the fungus spreads quickly, so there is a chance it already started spreading on surrounding toenails. 

Does laser toenail fungus removal work?

Some people will experience improvement after one laser nail fungus removal treatment; however, in most cases, it will take more than that. The treatment can last for months.

But don't worry! That doesn't mean that the laser is inefficient. That is simply the nature of the condition, and there is a good chance it will take a long time to treat it no matter what kind of therapy you're using.

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