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Ionic Foot Bath: Does This Therapy Really Work?

Ionic Foot Bath: Does This Therapy Really Work?

Ionic foot bath is a unique type of foot therapy. It is a detox process that is meant to remove various toxins from your body. As such, it is something that can promote your health and wellbeing.

Although the ionic foot bath is a relatively new detox method, it has gained a lot of popularity as of late. You can find this treatment is various spas and health centers. However, you can also do it at your home if you have the proper equipment.

Here is everything you need to know about an ionic foot bath and how it can help improve your health. 

What is ionic foot detox, and how does it work?

The treatment works by pulling out various toxins from your feet. However, you will need the appropriate equipment. Nowadays, medical companies make products that are specifically used for this purpose. These items work by ionizing the water. Then, all you have to do is put your feet in it.

According to the experts, and ionizing machine changes the charge of hydrogen in the water from negative to positive. The positively charged hydrogen is then able to pull out toxins that are negatively charged. It works similarly to magnetism, where water is able to "pull out" oppositely charged particles. 

Oftentimes, the water in the bath will change. Now, there are split opinions regarding this. For example, some people will say that if bathwater changes color, it is good because this is a sign that the detox works as intended. Unfortunately, this is a false claim. There is no correlation between water's color and toxins. If the color of the water changed, this probably means that either water is filthy, or your feet are.

In some cases, the color will change due to the equipment. As these tubs are used for water, it is logical that corrosion will happen over time. So, we need to consider that as well. Some of the tubs also use salts, which is another reason why the water may change its color during the treatment.

Is there any research on ionic foot baths?

At this point, there simply aren't enough studies that will confirm or deny whether or not these baths are working. However, the small number of research that has been performed indicates that they don't. According to one such study from 2012, some of these products do not reduce the number of toxins in the body. They also didn't improve the organs' ability to eliminate the toxins.

Although the machines are not good for detox, they are still very good for relaxation. Unless you have open wounds, you are able to use foot ionizers. You don’t even have to invest in them; almost any tub will work. You can also use Epsom salts if you want some additional relaxation. Keep in mind that these tubs can help relieve some other issues. For example, they can be great for stimulating circulation. They might even be used for athlete’s foot.

Potential risks of ionic foot baths

Another potential drawback of this equipment is the side effects which they might cause. Some of the users have experienced issues such as vomiting, dizziness, and nausea.

But again, we cannot say with certainty if the tubs have caused these problems. No matter what, you need to be careful when buying these tubs for home. You should also read the manuals.

In some extreme cases, the tubs can cause issues to people with diabetes. The foot ionizers can cause your blood sugar levels to rise. You also have to be careful not to soak your feet for a prolonged period of time.


Although some of these things may sound scary, these tubs are safe for the most part. You just need to use them responsibly and moderately, and there shouldn’t be any issues. Even if they don’t help with the toxins, they will probably work as stress therapy. That in itself should make them worthy of a purchase.

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