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How to stay grounded in the upcoming fall? Easy tips and tricks to embrace the new season

Here in Boston, it is starting to feel like fall all over again, with chilly mornings, some rain and fog. It feels like summer is ready to say goodbye and let the fall take over.

We wanted to share with you what our team is doing to stay grounded and how you can do it as well! The season change can be huge and we want to feel our best.


Seasonal Foods

Fall is the season for warming up our bodies with broths, roasted veggies, leafy greens and some delicious tea or coffee. We recommend setting aside some hours of your weekend and spending it in the kitchen, make some warm meals for the week and nourish your body with immune boosting vitamins and nutrients.

Some of our favorite fall vegetables and fruits are Squash, dark leafy greens, apples, beets and pumpkin.


Healthy Pumpkin Maple Granola by Minimalist Baker

Use your spices and healthy fats

This is the season for spices like turmeric, ginger, garlic, and cayenne. They will warm up our bodies and help maintain overall wellness.

Add healthy fats to your meals, such as grass-fed butter, coconut oil, avocado and sesame oil. Healthy fats are a number one need for our bodies, be sure to introduce them to your meals.


Seasonings & Spices for Fall Cooking by SimpleBites.


If you don't sleep you are not healthy nor happy, so keeping those magical hours sacred is still very important. Align your body with the natural cycle and honor the change of season. did you know that over time lack of sleep makes our immune system weaker? We need to protect ourselves from the common cold, so no cheating on how many hours f rest you are getting.


10 Ways to Slow down and Embrace Autumn by HuffingtonPost.


Inner connection

We are beings of energy and it can affect us positively or negatively. As trees, when the leaves start falling off, all the energy from them go back to the roots, to take it easy and gain new energy for spring, new growth and blooming.

Do the same with your body, take it easy, refill your energy and get ready for blooming. But, how to do it? Spend time out in nature, sip a warm drink, practice yoga or dit in meditation.

Autumn is the best time to slow down and look deep into our hearts and souls and check where we want to go.


10 Easy Self-Care Tips That Are Perfect for Autumn by ThriveGlobal.

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