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Hemp Oil for Skin: A Complete Buying Guide

Hemp Oil for Skin: A Complete Buying Guide

In nature, there are so many things that exist primarily to serve us. Many of them can be found in animals, plants, and even naturally occurring non-living things. Each of them has its peculiar benefits to offer to the human body. One of such gifts of nature is hemp.

Normally, when someone mentions hemp, most people are inclined to think of its recreational function. However, as it stands today, there is so much more you can do with the plant besides getting high on it. This diversity in function makes hemp one of the most versatile herbs in the world today.

To make things even better, the United States recently allowed for the sales of hemp derivatives. While it is not in every state yet, it is still largely accessible. One such derivative is hemp oil for skin.

In our previous articles, we also talked about hemp cream and hemp lotion and their benefits to your skin health.

In this guide, we’ll be walking you through everything you need to know about it. Now, let’s dive in.

What is hemp oil for skin?

The term itself is a blanket term for oils that are extracted from the cannabis plant. It could be derived from the stalk, the leaves, or even the plant’s seeds. This oil serves an entirely different purpose than recreation, which happens to be the major reason a lot of people use hemp at all. Its main purpose is to provide relief from skin conditions. Additionally, it can prevent those skin conditions as well as assist in maintaining general skin health. 

Hemp seed oil for skin is legal and can be purchased and sold in most parts of the United States. This, however, is under the condition that it does not exceed the 0.3% THC limit. The reason for this regulation is to reduce drug use and prevent people from getting high off this oil.

What are the benefits of using hemp seed oil for skin?

It will be a bit of an exaggeration to say that this hemp derivative is infinitely useful. However, considering how much you can gain from it, that statement wouldn’t be too far from the truth. Below are a few things you can get out of using hemp oil for your skin:

  1. It helps to regulate oil production

Sometimes, to achieve certain things, the human body overcompensates. This then leads to further complications. An example is when the skin gets too dry, and the body starts producing extra amounts of oil to keep it healthy. This can lead to a buildup in the skin, which will eventually cause acne. By applying hemp oil on your skin, you will be taking a bit of the burden off your glands, and this will help regulate production.

  1. It helps in treating acne

Hemp oil is quite rich in a number of vitamins and nutrients. There are at least thirteen of them that can be found within. One of them is vitamin B6. This vitamin assists you in protecting your skin against an outbreak of acne. All you have to do is apply and let it do its work.

  1. It can help to reduce the effect of aging on your skin

While old age and long life should be truly appreciated, the heralding features should not come too early. You can certainly do without those wrinkles, dark circles, and other related things for a few more years. Due to the presence of vitamin B1 in hemp oil for skin, you can keep your skin looking as young and fresh as it actually is. 

  1. It offers relief from pain

When applied topically, this type of oil has the potential to help you relieve pain. Most people, including athletes, use it to relieve pain in joints. Some other people use it to get relief from arthritic discomforts. This ability is largely possible because of the anti-inflammatory qualities that the oil possesses.

  1. It serves as a great source of essential fatty acids

One of the comical ironies of the human body is that it requires omega fatty acids to stay healthy, but it can’t produce them itself. With that being true, you need to find an external source. Luckily, hemp seed oil offers a comfortable amount for your body to use. Apart from all the general benefits for your body, these fatty acids help to boost your skin health and increase its elasticity.

How do you use hemp oil for skin?

There are multiple ways through which you can use oil from the hemp plant and get the benefits it has to offer your skin. They include:

  1. Topical application

This is the most common method. It involves applying it directly onto your skin. This direct application is relatively faster in providing relief from pains, as we mentioned earlier. Because it does not go directly into your bloodstream, you don’t have to worry about dosage. 

However, you should ensure you aren’t allergic. While hemp oil allergies aren’t the most common thing, you can still check just to be on the safe side. Simply apply a bit of it to a patch of skin and watch out for any reactions. If you don’t notice any abnormalities, you should clean up your skin before you go ahead to cover larger areas.

Additionally, you can mix it with other relief providing oils. In a way, this can increase the level of effectiveness. However, you should only apply topically. Ingestion of essential oils can be very toxic to your body and cause unsavory amounts of harm.

  1. Oral application

This involves ingesting the oil orally. Even though it is made for your skin, there is no harm in allowing it to pass through your digestive system first. Generally, 1-2 tablespoons per day are fine. However, and we cannot stress this enough, consult your doctor before you begin the usage of the oil. 

If you do not like taking the oil directly because of the taste, you can include it in your meals or drinks. There are many recipes that even you can whip up from salad dressings to smoothies, and everything else in between.

What are the potential side effects of hemp oil for skin?

For most people, hemp seed oil is completely safe. To make things even better, it is far richer in CBD than THC. As such, you cannot get high off of the oil if you choose to apply it orally. However, some people have been known to react mildly to the oil. Just to be on the safe side, we’d advise that you test it on a small part of your skin before you go ahead and use it. This will help you determine if you’re allergic to the product.

Oral consumption of the oil is a bit more delicate. This is why most people will advise that you see your doctor first.

A very common side effect of oral ingestion of hemp oil is a stomach upset/loosened stools. Technically, most edible oils have this same issue because of their naturally fatty build. This problem often occurs when/if you take high quantities of the oil at once. So, you should start small and then work your way up as time goes on.

Another effect of oral ingestion is that it can interact negatively with blood thinnersAs such, you should always consult your doctor to find out if the oil is right for you or not.

In conclusion

Regardless of the method of application you choose, hemp oil has a lot to offer your skin. Since most people can conveniently use it without much of a hassle, you might not have to worry about any complications. Like we said, simply start small and work your way up from there.

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