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Hemp Cream: 5 Benefits for Your Skin and Body

Hemp Cream: 5 Benefits for Your Skin and Body

Since its discovery more than ten thousand years ago, people have found different uses for hemp. One of the most popular ways it is used is recreational. That is, people focus on the more psychoactive parts of hemp and use it to get “high.” Unfortunately, it was banned for that exact reason in the United States of America.

However, not too long ago, scientists began to shed more light on the potential benefits of incorporating hemp into our everyday lives. Gradually, people started seeing the importance of hemp besides being smoked. As such, the US government lifted the ban on the plant and its derivatives. The only condition is that it must not contain more than 0.3% of the psychoactive element

As such, today, people are combining hemp with various components to produce excellent end products. One of the most common of them all is hemp cream. This type of cream goes a step further than most regular creams and offers myriads of benefits that will definitely be attractive to you.

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What are the benefits of using hemp cream on your skin?

Most people spend the vast majority of their lives thinking of hemp as more of a recreational substance than a medical one. If you belong in that category of people, there is the chance that you are rather skeptical about hemp cream being useful to you.

However, contrary to that opinion, there are actually quite a number of ways that this product comes in handy. While scientists keep discovering new ways they can be used daily, here are five known ways the hemp cream benefits you:

  1. It moisturizes your skin

Some of the major things that your body, and your skin, in particular, needs are Omega Fatty Acids. These acids, which are also known as Essential Fatty Acids, are vital in maintaining good health. Unfortunately, the body cannot produce them independently. You have to ingest or apply them from an external source to enjoy their benefits fully.

Omega 3 and Omega 6 acids are two of those acids that are particularly important for the skin. Among other places, you can find them in hemp. Their essential function, when applied topically, is that they help to moisturize your skin. This, in turn, boosts your skin health, as well as elasticity.

  1. It acts as a natural pain reliever

One of the major things you can gain from hemp cream is relief from pain. There are so many scientific studies that point in this direction. However, the simplest way to explain this is that hemp has anti-inflammatory qualities.

Those qualities make it an excellent choice if you are looking to get relief from joint pains, arthritis-related pains, etc. It is especially useful if you are not inclined in the direction of over-the-counter prescriptions.

All you have to do is to rub it on the affected area. Afterward, you can lay back and allow it to do its job. Many athletes around the world today use the cream for this purpose.

  1. It provides your skin with useful nutrients and vitamins

Like every other part of your body, the skin needs nutrients to remain healthy. While it gets a relatively fair dosage from the body’s circulatory system, it would not be a bad idea to complement with an external source.

There are more than ten different vitamins and nutrients that your skin can get from hemp oil. Vitamin A, for example, is present in hemp-infused creams. They help you to smoothen out your skin such that you have little to no wrinkles to contend with. Additionally, there are about three different B vitamins present in hemp that your skin can gain from. 

The first is Vitamin B1, which makes your skin much younger and clearer. The second is vitamin B2, which offers protection to your skin from any damage that can be caused by free-radicals. 

If you are not familiar with the term, free radicals are natural phenomena in your body. They come into being when molecules in your body, through standard metabolic processes, gain or lose an electron. They have the potential to damage your skin cells. 

The third is B6, which is well-known for helping in the fight against the dreaded acne. Alongside these vitamins are such nutrients as iron, zinc, manganese, phosphorus, etc. Each of them works together to protect the health and aesthetic appearance of your skin.

  1. It does not compound your acne problems

In the world of cosmetics and skincare, there is such a thing as a comedo. In the most basic way possible, it is a term used to refer to a clogged pore. Among other things, when your pores get clogged, it results in acne. Since nobody really likes those breakouts, it makes sense that you should keep your pores unclogged. 

Unfortunately, there are cosmetic products in the market today that do the exact opposite. In a bid to load their products with as many chemicals as possible, some companies end up defeating the purpose of taking care of the skin.

Naturally, creams that have hemp in them help in the fight against acne. This is largely so because of the presence of vitamin B6. However, apart from that, these hemp creams have nano-sized particles. They sink into the farthest depths of the skin very quickly. As such, they are very unlikely to clog your pores, leaving you to battle acne later on.

  1. It is organic and healthy

It has already been established that hemp provides you with many health benefits. However, besides all of those, these creams are also organic. One of the shortcomings in the cosmetic industry is the use of chemicals. Most of the time, people who use a product do so to get specific results. If they use it for a while, and things don’t work out the way they want them to, they’ll end up dumping the product.

Due to this amount of pressure, companies start mixing different things together to satisfy customers. Unfortunately, these mixtures might not exactly be the healthiest option. Hemp cream, however, provides you with results without necessarily harming you in the process.

The primary ingredient, hemp, and virtually all others are organically acquired. This will be perfect for you if you are passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, or you simply like organic products for the sake of the earth.

What precautions should you observe before applying hemp creams?

Considering that it has more medical uses than the average cream, it’s normal for you to be curious about precautions. Since the product is to be applied topically, it won’t be going deep or directly into your bloodstream. As such, the dosage is not very strict, and it is largely up to you. Nevertheless, you should take note of two major things before you apply the cream:

  1. Ensure you aren’t allergic. Allergies to hemp oil aren’t very common. However, there is the chance that your skin might reach to another ingredient in the cream. As such, you should always test it to see if your skin cannot tolerate it. An easy way to do this is by applying some to a small portion of your skin. Wait a few hours and observe carefully. If nothing out of the ordinary happens, you are good to go.
  2. Clean up properly before applying the cream. This is not restricted to hemp cream alone. Nevertheless, you should clean up properly before applying this cream on your body. This will ensure that the cream does not have to deal with dirt and particles on its way to relieving you of pain in affected areas. 

Note that different creams come with their instructions for application. We will advise that you always read and follow these instructions before and during application. Above all, consult your dermatologist, especially if you are worried.

In conclusion

Skincare is something that should be taken as seriously as possible. With the right choice of hemp cream, you will be taking a step in the right direction. What we have merely done here is to show you all the reasons you could start using one today.

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