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Foot Detox Bath: Does It Really Work and How?

Foot Detox Bath: Does It Really Work and How?

Foot detox bath might seem like a questionable treatment. Yes, we all know that feet are sensitive, and any type of massage or therapy can do wonders for relaxation. But, how does detox come into play? Is it as powerful as promoted?

There is a lot of debate among health professionals on how impactful detox foot spa is. As you well know, our body is full of harmful toxins that accumulate over time. It is really hard to get rid of them, which is why we need to be proactive.

A lot of these toxins are a result of pollution, something that we cannot run away from even if we wanted to. Other toxins include home chemicals and beauty products. 

Without further ado, let’s talk a bit about foot detox bath and its efficiency. Check it out!

What is foot detox?

As the name implies, foot detox is a process during which a person removes toxins from their body through their feet. You might think that these toxins are localized, but in fact, they come from various areas of our body and exit through feet.

Foot detox spa is slowly becoming one of the most popular treatments meant to improve our health and wellbeing. The great thing about it is that you can perform it almost anywhere. All you need to do is buy an ionic foot detox that would facilitate the process. Of course, if you don’t want to pay for it, you can always visit one of the numerous spas and beauty salons that have this item.

How does foot detox work?

According to the manufacturers, these ionic foot baths work by removing toxins from your body through your feet.

The process is rather straightforward: the bath will ionize water, which will then start working your foot tissue. It is a safe and relaxing way to improve your health; not only will you get better, but you will also have fun while doing it!

Among others, ionizers are great for people who are under a lot of stress.

In order to be more detailed, here is how it actually works. Hydrogen in water will change from negative to positive.

When it becomes positively charged, it will start pulling all the toxins from your body into the water. These ions are able to bind heavy metal to them. It is very similar to magnetism.

What is the result?

One of the main byproducts of ion baths is filthy water. Once the item starts working, you will notice a slow change in the water's color.

According to most manufacturers, this means that the detox process is working. Basically, the color changed because now it is full of toxins and other matters removed from your body.

However, this isn't the full story. You see, the change of color may occur due to numerous reasons.

First of all, the water that we're using for a bath usually isn't 100% clean itself. It might have certain impurities and metals that it picked up along the way. So, when the equipment starts working, a reaction will occur with the already existing water.

In other words, some people presume that the color of the water would change even if you don't put your feet into them. It may also signify that your feet are filthy, and now that you've put them into the water, this filth is becoming noticeable.

There is another thing that may happen after prolonged use of a foot bath. The item interacts with all the metals found in water. This is why it is common for rust to appear after some time.

Depending on which type of foot detox you're using, the change of color may occur due to foot salts. Most beauty salons add foot salts to the water, even when they're using ionized baths. A reaction will occur, resulting in a change of color.

Over time, there have been several studies focusing on foot detox baths and their impact on our wellbeing. Keep in mind that most of these studies weren’t that extensive. Unfortunately, the results of these studies are less than convincing. Everything indicates that ionized foot baths are not as good as advertised.

One interesting research was performed back in 2012. It focused on several popular foot bath products, and none of them provided satisfactory results. Furthermore, it seems they had minimal impact on the level of toxins in our body. To make matters even worse, these products had no impact on the body's metabolism and ability to eliminate toxins.

Potential side effects

To make matters even worse, some of these ionized baths can lead to side effects. Some of the users reported issues such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting. If you do decide to buy one of these products, it is very important to read the manual. You need to learn how to use it properly. Otherwise, you might experience some of these side effects.

There are also certain medical conditions that may interfere with using ionized baths. For example, they are not recommended for people who are suffering from diabetes. If you have this medical condition, it is better to consult a medical professional prior to buying a bath.

The ionized foot baths may also have an adverse effect on your blood sugar. Lastly, if you leave your feet in the water for a prolonged period of time, you might get burned.

Potential benefits of ionized baths

Although foot detox bath may seem dangerous, it also carries potential benefits. For example, they can be great for people with bad circulation.

No matter what we said about the toxins, this type of therapy can work wonders for people who are under a lot of stress.

There are also some reports that ionized foot baths can be good for patients suffering from athlete’s foot.

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