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Essential Oils For Toenail Fungus: 3 Best Oils to Try in 2020

Essential Oils For Toenail Fungus: 3 Best Oils to Try in 2020

There is nothing more important in life than our health.

And as you might know, the health goes from our feet upwards. While our feet are very durable, we should take that for granted. Certain conditions, as minor as they might look, can lead to severe long-term consequences. One of them is toenail fungus.

If we were to generalize, this condition is pretty harmless.

But, it is definitely something that will affect the appearance of your feet and, thus, your self-esteem. In some severe cases, it can lead to complications as well as symptoms like itching and pain. You don't want that to happen, do you?

This is why toenail fungus has to be approached thoughtfully and treated as soon as its diagnosed. 

Most doctors will tell you that oral medicine is the way to go. Unfortunately, these drugs can have some serious drawbacks, which is why more and more people are treating their toenail fungus with natural medication.

Among others, it is possible to use essential oils for toenail fungus.

Why should I go with a natural solution?

While a doctor can tell you which treatment to use, it is your right whether or not you wish to accept this suggestion. Instead of going for potent oral drugs, you can go for essential oils for toenail fungus.

Here are some of their benefits:

  • Much cheaper than the products you buy in drugstores
  • They are completely safe and will not lead to side effects (oral drugs are notorious for their impact on liver and heart)
  • They smell really nice making them better than some other natural toenail fungus treatments such as vinegar and onion
  • They can also be used for aromatherapy which is a good way to relax after a treatment

While they might not provide the same quick solution as oral drugs, they definitely have numerous benefits.

Perhaps the most important benefit is that they will not harm your liver.

The treatment is very similar to topical creams. It will take weeks and even months to complete, but we recommend that you try it!

Before you use essential oils for toenail fungus

Using essential oils is just a part of the solution; you also have to create an environment where your feet will be able to heal themselves.

Like all fungus, toenail fungus loves humid, dark environments. This is why you need to take measures that would otherwise harm plants from fungus family:

  • Make sure that your feet are always dry. After washing, dry them as soon as possible. The same goes if you were outside in the rain or snow. Use one towel for this purpose. You might even consider throwing it when the treatment is over
  • Changing your socks is very important. Not only do they get sweaty over time, but it is much more hygienic. Make sure to change them each they or twice a day
  • It is essential for your feet to "breathe." Sandals and slippers are a necessity during summer and at home. Avoid anything that tightens your feet

If you slack with any of these, your treatment will be prolonged.

Like any process, it all comes down to discipline. Following these simple rules is the first step towards healing your feet.

3 Best essential oils for toenail fungus you need to consider

 Basically, almost any essential oil should provide some sort of relief. However, according to what we know, these are the 3 that makes the biggest impact. 

  1. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is amazing! It is known as one of the most potent natural antifungal and antibacterial substances, and as such, it should surprise us that it can be used for toenail fungus treatment. Not only does it kill fungus, but it also reduces its spread, making it an ideal long-term solution. Like with any other essential oil treatment, it is necessary to wash your feet and dry them properly. Use 3 to 5 drops of tea tree oil. They should be placed on a cotton ball and then taped. Leave the oil for 30 minutes. The treatment needs to be performed every day

  1. Oregano essential oil

Here is another great natural substance. Oregano has numerous healing properties that most people don't know of. Of course, it can also be great for fungus. It is a bit stronger than tea tree oil, which is why you will need just one or two drops of it. Administer it directly to the toenail and leave it be for 15 minutes

  1. Cinnamon essential oil

The last essential oil that has shown amazing results in treating toenail fungus is cinnamon oil. It has eugenol that works well against various types of fungus. It both kills and prevents growth. It is used in the same way as tea tree oil. Make sure to use it daily until it starts showing results. The amazing thing about cinnamon essential oil is that not only does it destroy fungus, but it also makes the area drier

Make sure to check these essential oils for toenail fungus!

We are certain they can help you with the toenail fungus. You will have to be patient as the treatment takes some time.

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