DIY Oat & Rose Bath Tea Bags

DIY Oat & Rose Bath Tea Bags
Easy-Peasy Oat Bath Tea Bags

These bath tea bags can be whipped up in under 10 minutes, they look beautiful and make a great gift! Plus they’re easily customizable to suit you as you can really put anything at all in them.

We’re using regular oats for the base of these tea bags as when submerged into a hot bath the oats turn the water milky and release all of their skin soothing benefits. Oats are especially good for dry and itchy skin, soothing babies skin, and helping calm eczema, psoriasis, rashes, acne and so much more. We also add some dried rose buds for decoration and their beautiful scent.

You Will Need:

Oatmeal and Rose Pedal Tea Bag

  • Oats
  • Flower petals (rose, lavender, chamomile, etc.)
  • Small cotton or organza bags


Simply place all of your ingredients into the bag and tie closed! It’s that simple.

If you don’t have any little bags hanging around (usually from jewellery purchases or what you find samples in when you’ve been buying one too many beauty products online), you can simply use a muslin face cloth and a hair tie. Pile your oats and other ingredients in to the middle and gather the cloth up around it before securing with a hair tie. Easy!

How To Use:

How to make DIY Oat Bath Bags

Place under running water and leave to do it’s thing. You can give the bag a squeeze after a few minutes to help the oats release that oaty goodness.

Once you’re done you can just empty the contents into the bin and leave to dry for next time - no more blocked plug holes and bits all over the bath!


Customize your bath tea bags by adding salts (we like dead sea salts or pink himalayan), magnesium flakes, different clays or charcoal to detox or a blend of essential oils for aromatherapy benefits and soothing scents.

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