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Cuticle Oil – All The Protection Your Nails Need

Cuticle Oil – All The Protection Your Nails Need

We understand that some of us are merely lazy. We know what to do, and we probably even have the means to do those things.

But our laziness gets the best of us, and we never do those things. You could be too lazy to sit through a whole manicure. You can never be too lazy to use cuticle oil.

What is the nail cuticle?

The nail is majorly divided into four parts. These include the following:

  • Free edge
  • Nail plate
  • Lunula
  • Cuticle

The cuticle is the area of dead skin located at the base of your nail. It is also known as the nail bed. Yes, that thin layer that you sometimes try to peel off out of boredom. So that you know, it damages your nails in extents you’re about to find out. You should stop.

The cuticle protects new nails growing out of the nail root, from bacteria. The region is very delicate and highly prone to injury. It also gets quickly dried out, exposing the nail to harm.

Why your nails need cuticle oil

There are ideally several ways to care for your nail cuticle. The easiest and indeed most effective, however, is the use of cuticle oil.

For obvious reasons, experts advise against cutting your cuticle during a manicure. Resisting the temptation to at least trim their edges is truly daunting. Cutting them, however, opens the door to a barrage of bacteria and related infections. So what happens when they become dry, shriveled, and uneven? Oil for cuticles is your answer.

This product is to nail, as body lotion is to skin. That does make a lot of sense. You should, therefore, apply this oil to your nails as often as you use skin lotions. Ideally, that's every other day!

So long as your cuticle is hydrated, it can continue to perform all its functions. Once this hydration is lost, however, a dry cuticle is as good as an absent one. Once dried out, it begins to crack and peel. A once impenetrable barrier is now made porous. One way to proper cuticle moisturization is the use of cuticle oil.

These oils contain other ingredients that also immensely improve nail strength while maintaining proper flexibility. These include plant extracts like argan and coconut oils. It also commonly includes vitamins and citric acid.

How to apply cuticle oil

The oil takes effect when it is massaged into your cuticle. This is how to do it.

  • Hold the dropper above about 5cm from your nail. You don't need to do this if it comes with a brush as nail polishes do.
  • Squeeze a drop of oil unto each nail. Again, if the applicator is a brush, simply swab across. Because of the potency of these oils, even little is much. When you can, however, be as generous as possible.
  • Gently massage the oil into your cuticles with your free hand. Take your time while doing this, since it is the essential step. Ensure you rub from the cuticle, outward. Reach the sides of the nail, and even the skin around it.
  • It takes 2-3 hours for complete absorption. This is one of those products that you can never abuse. Apply as often as you feel you need to.

Having said you could apply the oil as often as possible, there are best times to use it. These times are:

  • Immediately after a manicure. This oil is the one thing your manicure has been missing. As opposed to what many think, it increases the shine of your nail polish. It does nothing at all to harm it. Even when it's old, apply some oil and give it a new outlook. Using it before a manicure will prevent adherence of the nail polish, so don’t.
  • Apply after you have pushed back your cuticles. While it is forbidden to cut or trim your cuticles, you can push them back. Immerse your hands in water for about 8-10 minutes. After that, they should have softened, use a metal cuticle pusher to push them in. Apply the oil after, as explained above.
  • Before bed. You usually don’t have time to apply cuticle oil before rushing off to work early the next morning. This is why you should use them before you sleep. Protect and hydrate your nails for the day's work!
  • Anytime o’clock! Applying the oil is fun, really. Many people chew their nails out of anxiety and boredom. Apply cuticle oil instead!

How does it work?

When rubbing it into your nails, the oil can stimulate increased blood flow to your fingers. It is a fundamental principle that blood births life.

With increased blood flow, the fingers produce and grow new cells. This aids hastened injury healing and serves anti-inflammatory effects.

With consistent application, your nail grows finer and better. This is also the idea behind the strength they give your nails.

Best cuticle oils in the market

Let’s give you some insight into the oils that many people use in the market.

  1. Pacifica Coconut Rehab Nourishing Cuticle Oil

This product is all-vegan and animal-friendly. It has a generous quantity of coconut oil and hence has extra moisturizing power. It is suitable for flaked cuticles.

  1. Tenoverten The Rose Oil

It is also an all-natural oil. It is infused with plant extracts like jojoba, argan oils, and rose. These ingredients keep your cuticles well hydrated.

  1. Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab Oil

You don't need to make a mess when applying the oil. Like some mini toothpaste, but with a pen tip, it is effortless to use.

  1. Dior Huile Abricot Daily Nutritive Serum

Dior!!! Are you in love already? Keep your nails extra glittery and classy with this nutritive serum. There’s this vague sense of pride you get from applying this on your nails in a crowd. Everyone looks at you.

  1. Flowery Lavender Scented Cuticle Oil

Lavender! Who doesn't love a lavender-scented skin product? Lavender is both moisturizing and relaxing. The beautiful scent flies you to the moon and back. Hopefully, you don't exhaust it all in one week from impulsive usage.

In conclusion

Resist the temptation to belittle the importance of nail care. Nail care needn't be any difficult work.

With consistent application of these oils, you can keep your nails healthy and attractive.

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