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Clear Nails Pro: Understand and Treat Fungal Infections

Clear Nails Pro: Understand and Treat Fungal Infections

Even if you are not a foot model with several hundred brands coming after you for your pictures, you still need to take proper care of your feet.

This is because they are the closest part of your body to the ground. Besides that, unless you're living an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle, you are likely to be using them quite often. 

Unfortunately, some aspects of our lives do not particularly support the quest to have healthy feet. For example, it might shock you to realize that shoes can sometimes be a cause of fungal infections in your toenails. When they are too tight, it can cause fungi to buildup in your toenails, leading to an infection.

Surprising as it may be, it is the truth. In this article, we'll be taking a closer look at the fungal toenail infection and how you can combat it using Clear Nails Pro.

What is toenail fungal infection?

Before we delve into Clear Nails Pro and all you should know about it, you must understand the need for it in the first place.

This type of infection is known in the medical world as Onychomycosis. Alternatively, some refer to it as the ringworm of the nails.

Regardless of its nomenclature, it is an infection that occurs in your toenails. It usually happens when there is a fungi buildup in your toes. It is rather common in places with high and humid temperatures for the better part of the year. 

Considering that your toes are often damp and warm, it is actually quite easy for these microorganisms to live and survive there. It is known to cause pain sometimes.

If the infection on these nails goes untreated, the infection is likely to spread to other toes.

What are the symptoms of toenail fungus?

The symptoms are quite easy to diagnose by yourself, and usually, you wouldn't need to see a doctor. They are: 

  • thickened but brittle toenails.
  • a distortion in the shape of your toenails.
  • persistence of a relatively foul smell in the affected area.
  • discoloration that lies between yellow, brown, and whitish.
  • the buildup of debris under your nails, causing it to have a darker hue than normal.

Apart from all these symptoms, it is not uncommon for you to notice your nail peeling off slowly. As a matter of fact, it happens to athletes quite often.

Usually, the toenail ends up coming off entirely and getting replaced by a new one. Frankly, all these symptoms make your toenails look relatively less attractive.

While it is rare for you to have severe complications, it is still important that you do your best to ensure you take care of this situation.

What causes such infection?

Generally, the main cause of this infection is the buildup of yeast, mold, or, most importantly, fungus in your toes. However, certain factors can lead to this buildup. A few of them are:

  1. Prolonged wearing of tight shoes

More often than not, if you wear tight shoes, you can get a fungal infection in your toenails.

The most common sufferers in this scenario are the big and little toes. This is because they are the closest to the shoe's surface. As such, they suffer the most trauma during movement.

Alongside that, yeast is known to grow in warm and dark places. Unfortunately, the crevices of your sleek new tennis shoe provide the perfect conditions for that. 

  1. Age

Indeed, old age is a gift as it means you got the chance to experience life fully. However, alongside those experiences, you're likely to pick up a few other things.

Now, when you grow older, your toenails are more likely to become brittle and crack naturally. You don't need a fungal infection for that to happen.

However, in the spaces between these cracks, fungi can get into your toes and begin proliferating there. When that happens, toenail fungal infection is imminent.

  1. Extended periods spend in wet areas

It is a well-known fact that fungus thrives in damp places. Naturally, when you wear shoes, your toes are likely to get damp due to the enclosure.

However, if you spend more time in wet areas, leaving your feet soaked most of the time, you are even more likely to get a toenail fungal infection. This is because you'd be creating the perfect haven for fungi to multiply and buildup.

Apart from these three factors, a few others, according to WebMD, include:

  • smoking,
  • a weak immune system,
  • athlete's feet,
  • toenail injury, etc.

Clear Nails Pro: Your ally against fungus infection on toenails?

Most of the time, fungal infections that involve the skin in one way or the other can be treated easily with topical creams. All you need to do is procure one, apply it as required by the label, follow your prescribed dosage, and you're good to go. However, with the involvement of products comes the problem of selecting which to use. Not to worry, though, we have an easy answer to that. 

One of the best products in the category of treating toenail infections is the Clear Nails Pro. It is just about the only topical solution that penetrates your toenails to fight fungi. 

Like most other solutions, it is a combination of different compounds. The three components of this solution that are most prominent and aid its effectiveness are Ciclopirox (6%), Fluconazole (2%), and Terbinafine (6%).

The main function of the Clear Nails Pro is to completely remove whatever spectrum of mold and fungus that is causing your infection. It can deliver the same astounding results that you would get from using Lamisil tablets. What's more, is that it does so with little to no side effects whatsoever.

Combined, the three ingredients we mentioned earlier all go into the nail plate and even the nail bed. Those are the places the fungi live and grow. Its ability to penetrate, which makes it so efficient, can be credited to the fact that it is fat-soluble.

To understand how to use this product, you should check the label. However, the most common application dosage is twice daily. When combined with medical foot care, you're sure to come out with excellently groomed feet.

How do you prevent a recurrence of toenail fungal infection after using Clear Nails Pro?

Despite the product's efficiency at combating toenail fungal infection, there is still the chance of recurrence. This is especially so if you continue exposing yourself to the factors that could cause a buildup of fungi in your toes. However, there are a few ways that you can prevent a recurrence. They are:

  1. Continue using Clear Nails Pro. Although, the dosage shouldn't be as frequent as before, applying the solution every now and then during the week should do the trick.
  2. Wash your feet regularly and thoroughly when having your bath. This helps to plays a significant role in preventing the spread of fungi to your other toes.
  3. Keep your nails clean by trimming them regularly. The last thing you want to do is give fungi more nail space to multiply.
  4. Disinfect your nail clippers after each use.
  5. Wear breathable shoes. This makes it less likely for fungi to grow while wearing shoes because there will be a useful amount of air going in and out.
  6. Wear socks that absorb sweat. An alternative to this is changing your socks occasionally during the course of the day.
  7. Protect your feet with footwear in wet places like locker rooms, pool areas, etc.

In conclusion

Clear Nails Pro offers a very effective solution to the problem of toenail fungal infection. Nobody wants to have feet that don't look their best.

Just remember to keep them healthy after using the solution so you don't have a recurrence of the infection.

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