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What Is CBD Topical Cream? Does It Really Work?

What Is CBD Topical Cream? Does It Really Work?

CBD topical creams are one of the most popular medical products nowadays. Together with other Cannabidiol products, a topical cream can be used for a variety of symptoms and conditions.

However, although CBD topical cream has become somewhat mainstream, there are still a lot of people who are skeptical about it. This makes sense because, until recently, we thought that cannabis is nothing more than a nuisance and a gateway drug.

Do topical creams really work?

Regardless of marijuana and its reputation, we still have to ask ourselves, do these creams work? Up to this point, there is limited research regarding medical cannabis and CBD topical creams in particular.

So, even though marijuana has certain healing properties, can we say with certainty that it will help you treat a disease? It is really hard to say.

There are lots of things we need to consider when buying medical marijuana items. For example, there are big differences between CBD content. Some items will have a really high percentage of Cannabidiol with very little to none THC (psychedelic substance).

Others will have a lot of THC with medium CBD content resembling more a drug than a medicine. It also depends on a particular product type that you’re using. There is a big difference between CBD lotions, creams, and orally administered drugs.

In this article, we will analyze CBD topical creams and how they can help you treat a particular condition. Check it out!

How do you use CBD topical cream?

First, let’s talk a bit about medical cannabis.

Medical marijuana is often called "CBD marijuana." The term is used to differentiate from regular cannabis that is full of THC. Unlike THC cannabis, which is used as a drug, CBD producers are trying to minimize THC while maximizing Cannabidiol. That way, you can get all the medical benefits without getting high. 

Unlike the drugs you’re buying in pharmacies, there aren’t many standards regarding CBD marijuana. In other words, the producers don’t use a precise chemical formula to create their items. Instead, they can use any type of marijuana (usually the one they’re growing themselves) to create CBD topical creams.

As a result, we have items that can vary significantly in terms of their impact. This is less than ideal as you would have to try numerous products until you find an ideal one.

So, how do people use CBD products?

There is a continuous stream of studies that are meant to analyze Cannabidiol's impact on various conditions. You probably know that it can be used for chronic pain and depression, but did you know it is really good for inflammations, spasms, insomnia, stress, other mental conditions? There are a plethora of ailments where CBD topical cream can be a good solution.

When it comes to CBD cream, it is a product that is applied to the surface of your skin. It works differently from oral CBD, which is meant to have a wholesome impact on your organism. The cream is great for inflammations and localized chronic pain. Another advantage of the product is that you can use it almost anywhere. It is very similar to any other skin cream, so you won't attract unnecessary attention. 

Regardless of all the benefits, Cannabidiol products should be used with proper diligence. Keep in mind that we still don't know how would prolonged usage of medical cannabis impact your body. So, this is another pitfall that we might face in the near future. You should stay in contact with your doctor throughout the treatment (regardless of the condition you have).

As previously mentioned, you might have to change the dosage or even product. Lastly, don't overdo it with CBD, but instead, make sure to use it as prescribed. 

Will topical CBD work for you?

We finally come to the main part.

As previously mentioned, a lot depends on your particular problem and the type of CBD item that you’re using. The topicals are meant to be used for the skin, which is why they're so great for pain and inflammation. Most people use them on a joint for degenerative conditions such as arthritis, but it can also be used for some other issues such as eczema.

Keep in mind that topical CBD will not reach your bloodstream. That being said, it cannot address underlying issues. At the same time, this can be a positive if you're using a product with a higher amount of THC. Given that CBD topical will never be absorbed within the body, and thus, it will not reach your brain, there is no chance for you to get high. This is great news for people who work in companies where drug tests are commonplace. 

The best feature of CBD topical creams is that they address the issue on a deeper level (even though they don’t reach your bloodstream). They are much better than the regular inflammation creams as they can work the underlying issue. In fact, some experts claim that the prolonged use of CBD products can relieve chronic pain.

People have numerous receptors that are connected to pain, immunity, appetite, and so on. Our body produces chemicals that are called cannabinoids, similar to those that cannabis plants produce. When they are created in the body, they're able to interact with cannabinoid receptors. Based on limited studies, CBD topicals are able to slow down the production of markers leading to inflammations. 

There was an interesting study in 2019. During the study, Cannabidiol was used by people who have either psoriasis, scars, or atopic dermatitis. The whole process lasted for about 3 months. After that, all of them experienced improvements to their conditions but also skin quality as well.

That means that cannabis can work to treat the ailments and will also help the tissue itself. This was a great breakthrough as it may indicate that CBD topical creams may one day be used for beauty as well as medical treatment.

In terms of CBD topicals' usefulness, we have to consider that the results have varied from person to person. So, even though the treatment may seem potent for some, it will be completely useless for others. If we consider the additional variable that comes in the form of cannabis strains, it seems there are numerous things that will affect the end results.

It is also interesting that products with a higher amount of THC provided better results. This is really interesting as CBD is always presented as the crucial active substance of marijuana.

Tips for buying the right CBD topical cream

No matter what kind of a Cannabidiol product you're buying, it is very important to follow certain basic rules. Even though the cannabis market is relatively unregulated and fairly new, there are a lot of companies that provide high-quality goods.

By purchasing from the right cannabis seed or CBD company, you are increasing the odds of having a good experience.

Here are some tips that will help you out big time!

  • Think with your head

Given that the market is unregulated, there are still a lot of companies prepared to do everything in their power to make a buck. They will make outrageous claims even if they know that the product can never deliver. Of course, if a company has the right documentation and certificates, you can rest easy. But, as most companies don’t have such documents presented on their site, you will have to think with your head. If someone is making crazy claims about CBD topical creams, it is much better to avoid them altogether.

  • Make a list in advance.

Unlike most other products, it is really hard to “browse” for CBD. You can do it if you simply want to smoke weed and get high. But, medical cannabis is much different. You need to know what type of product you’re buying, from which company, make from which strain, with what ingredients, etc. Some companies don’t even have CBD but are advertising their products as if they have. They might advertise as hemp, but this product might not cure your issues. Instead, we suggest that you start by consulting with your physician. Different products work differently for different diseases. Of course, you can also try to research the market yourself.

  • Read the label

If you use drugs regularly, you probably have a habit of reading the label. This can help you establish the basic ingredients, how the drug can help, which category it belongs to, etc. The same should go for CBD topicals. Reputable companies have good labels, comparable to those of pharmaceutical companies. Keep in mind that reading the label is also important if you’re allergic to a specific ingredient, or if you wish to avoid products with parabens.


There we go!

CBD topical creams can be a great assistance for various conditions. Make sure to be careful when using them and follow your cannabis doctor’s advice.

Cannabis is the plant of the future, and while we still have to learn more about it, it seems that CBD products are here to stay. 

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