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CBD Patches: A Sure-Fire Way to Deliver Cannabinoids

CBD Patches: A Sure-Fire Way to Deliver Cannabinoids

In the most primitive sense of it, there is only one method of drug or food consumption – oral. However, the human race has come to realize that that method might not exactly be the most effective in every circumstance.

Imagine having a broken limb, awaiting surgery, and having to wait for a drug to pass through your digestive system before the effects kick in. That is, by all means, a rather unpleasant experience. Thankfully, modern medicine has evolved beyond that to create different drug delivery systems for us.

Now, it is no new information that cannabidiol has several benefits to human health. As long as you aren’t strictly using cannabis to hit cloud nine, you can actually get excellent results. Like most other medicinal products, cannabis products come in several forms. 

From oils to tinctures virtually everything else in between, there are many options you can choose from. However, perhaps the most unique of them all is CBD patches. Today, we’ll be taking you through all the basic things you might want to about these peculiar medicines.

What are CBD patches?

A cannabidiol patch is based on a kind of technology that is known as a transdermal patch. While the transdermal patch is the new kid on the block in the cannabis industry, it has been around in other parts of medical sciences for about four decades. Among other things, it is useful for birth control, nicotine application, etc. 

A CBD patch is a CBD delivery system that takes on the form of a band-aid. Like a band-aid, you paste it on your skin. It often contains high concentrations of Cannabinoids infused into gels or oils. When applied to the skin, it helps to provide relief from different kinds of discomforts.

The CBD is released into your body when the low amounts of cannabinoids within you combine with carriers and the densely concentrated CBD in the patch.

How do cannabidiol patches work?

The shortest answer to that question is that they transport CBD directly into the cannabinoids in our skin cells. Unfortunately, as concise as that may be, it might not provide the required amount of information that you need. As such, allow us to break it down a little further.

When you use a CBD patch as you should, it “pours out” into your cells and spreads itself around. This is essentially due to the lower concentration of cannabinoids in your skin. In more technical terms, you create an avenue for a drug concentration gradient. 

While the science behind it might be a bit complicated if you are not inclined in that direction, the process is actually quite simple. As a matter of fact, it is something you have likely come across in the domestic world. The law behind it is straightforward. When an element is very concentrated, it wants to occupy more space in its surrounding environment. A great example of this is heat.

This is primarily demonstrated when you boil a kettle of hot water to empty into a mug. You’ll realize that as soon as you do so, the heat, which is no less than 100ºC, begins to “escape.” In no time, because there isn’t a rivaling source of heat nearby, it fills up the surrounding area. You can feel it by holding your hand above the mug. In like manner, cannabidiol spreads through your body because the cannabinoids you naturally have aren’t quite as concentrated.

What are the different kinds of CBD patches?

In the industry today, two main kinds circulate in the market. Their similarity lies in the fact that they are both used to deliver CBD into the system. Their differences, however, are a tad more extensive than that. The different kinds of transdermal cannabidiol patches we have are:

  1. Reservoir CBD Patches: This kind of patch uses reservoirs to store CBD. Hence, the name. More often than not, the CBD is mixed within a gel solution for proper storage. For the release of the substance into your system, the CBD patch uses a rate-controlling sheath. Once the patch is pasted on the skin, the substance is released ‘tween the patch’s reservoir, its adhesive, and your skin. All of these features combined make it very efficient such that it provides the right dosage without people getting an excessive amount at a time. Perhaps, that is why it has been in existence for over forty years.
  2. Matrix CBD Patches: This kind mixes the substance into the patch’s matrix directly. Usually, it is found in the adhesive. As soon as you apply it on your skin, the cannabidiol starts to diffuse into your cells. Your dosage is entirely dependent on how large the transdermal is or how much cannabidiol is concentrated within. Due to its makeup/build, it is naturally unable to systematically control the quantity of cannabidiol you get in your system, unlike its reservoir-using counterpart. This inability makes it much less effective at its job than the aforementioned. 

How do you use CBD patches?

For a medication with so many benefits, using this delivery system is surprisingly easy. All you have to do is make a purchase, remove the film that is used to protect it and then apply it to the needed area.

Afterward, you’ll ensure that you keep it on for as long as the label says that you should. The required timeframe usually falls between 6-12 hours. However, some can go as far as 96 hours. The great thing, though, is that you can always take it off if you feel the need to stop the flow of cannabidiol into your body.

Apart from the basic means of usage that we just explained, there are a few more things you can do to get the most out of your transdermal. For starters, you can simply apply it directly to the affected part of your body that made you get it in the first place.

Alternately, if you need it to get into your bloodstream as quickly as possible, you could put it in a venous area. Venous areas are parts of your body that have blood vessels closest to the surface. Your wrist, upper arm, ankle, etc. are all excellent examples of venous areas.

Regardless of where you put it, though, you must always wash dirt and grime away from that area before applying the CBD patch. That way, there would be nothing between the CBD and your skin.

What are the benefits of using CBD patches?

There are quite a number of reasons you should consider using CBD patches. While the list is quite extensive, here are a few of them:

  1. It is incredibly effective

To rephrase for clarity, it is more effective in carrying out its purpose than most other methods. “Most other methods” here refers to the oral means of taking CBD from tinctures to pills, and so on. You might be wondering how putting a “glorified band-aid” on your arm beats taking a drug. Well, let us explain.

Your body has certain filtration systems. At the top of the list are your lungs as well as your stomach. Their entire job is to ensure that malignant substances do not get into your bloodstream. Unfortunately, they can’t always tell the difference between good and evil.

By going directly into your skin, these patches bypass the parts of your body that could have otherwise denied them entry. As such, they are much freer to carry out their duties.

  1. It provides a more accurate dosage

Except for pills, most CBD delivery systems put quite a bit of guesswork into your dosage. With joints, for example, it is virtually impossible to know exactly how much CBD you are sending into your body. This is besides the potential damage you could do to your lungs if you smoke. 

Edibles, too, aren’t very different. While they are far less inaccurate than their gaseous counterparts, they are still not quite as good. One brownie might relieve you of the pain you took it for. The other might just go straight to your waistline. Patches, on the other hand, have specifically measured quantities of cannabidiol. Keep them on long enough and you’ll get the best out of them.

  1. It is easier to take/use

Again, here, we’ll give an example. When you want to roll a joint, for medicinal purposes or otherwise, there are several steps involved. You’ll go through the grinding, and then you’ll have to roll the paper after ensuring your buds are just as smooth as you like them. When you are through with that, you have to take special care in sealing it properly. In the end, you would have spent around 20 minutes. Edibles, too, aren’t very different. Unless cooking is your hobby, think of the time and effort that will go into it. Getting ingredients, research

However, with CBD patches, you’ll simply peel off the film, “slap” it onto the affected area and voila! You’re good to go.

In conclusion

Besides those listed here, there is so much you can gain from these patches. From discretion to effectiveness to relief from ailments and everything else in between, the list is endless. All you have to do is to give it a try.

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