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CBD Oil for Eczema: What Is It And How Can It Help Me?

CBD Oil for Eczema: What Is It And How Can It Help Me?

Eczema is a really nasty condition. Although it's not a life-threatening issue, it can affect the quality of a person’s life.

It is a skin condition that doesn't only affect children, but instead, it is common among adults as well. This is why you need to be proactive when treating and consider using CBD oil for eczema

So, what is precisely eczema?

It is a skin condition that is often connected to bacteria. Microbes will penetrate the depths of the skin and remain there. In some cases, it can be caused by autoimmune diseases. In that way, it is similar to another nasty skin issue called psoriasis. Eczema commonly appears during early infancy. A patient’s skin will become dry, itchy, and red. If bacteria manage to penetrate into deeper layers of skin, it may become crusty.

There are lots of reasons why eczema appears, with the most common ones being stress, food allergies, weather, etc. Most doctors will prescribe topical steroid creams for this skin issue. Unfortunately, they have limited impact and may cause various side effects. They will help with eczema, but they will also cause some other issues. For example, the common side effect when using topical cream is skin thinning. It also cannot be used for the face. 

For the longest time, medical experts have tried to find a suitable replacement for steroid creams, and with CBD oil for eczema, they finally have a proper solution. CBD stands for cannabidiol, a helpful substance that can be used for various ailments. It can be found in cannabis plants (hemp to be precise) together with THC, which is the psychedelic substance.

When making CBD and hemp-derived products, the growers focus on hybrids that have a lot of CBD with minimal THC. That way, you can get all the benefits without getting high from cannabis use. When talking about this particular skin condition, Cannabidiol for eczema can reduce the itch and inflammation, prevent the growth of bacteria, and improve the appearance of the skin.

How does this problem appear?

If you think that eczema is a harmless condition, you need to think again. According to the latest data, almost 30% of all US citizens have dealt with it at one point or another. It usually subsides over time, but there are a lot of cases where it persists throughout patients' lives. As with any chronic inflammation, it requires a trigger to be activated. Treating eczema is more difficult if a person is affected by numerous allergens at the same time.

The condition can appear anywhere on the body, which is why it is so important to have a viable treatment. It usually affects the face, and as we mentioned previously, this is one place where you cannot use steroid creams, which is why it was so important for patients to find a viable substitution such as CBD oil for eczema. Besides the face, it can also appear behind the ears and knees, on the back, elbows, wrists, feet, hands, ankles. So, it usually appears around the joints. In most cases, there will be several critical spots on the body, which will make it easier to spot.

The condition appears due to excess histamine, which, in turn, leads to inflammation. The situation can be so severe that a patient may notice almost instant flaring followed by red, itchy skin. Sometimes, it can be really hard to discover the trigger. 

Now, you might think that antihistamine drugs are the best solution. Unfortunately, it isn't as simple as that. The prevention of eczema is really hard, and it usually requires numerous tests before you can discover why the condition appeared in the first place. According to everything we've seen so far, Cannabidiol oil for eczema seems like an optimal solution. Unlike steroid creams, the oil can penetrate deep and treat the ailment at its source. 

Will CBD oil for eczema work for you?

Even though we’ve only started to explore hemp and its beneficial properties, we have already realized how powerful it can be. When talking about CBD cannabis, most people think of chronic pain or depression. But, the plant can be really good for various inflations as well.

When it comes to eczema, in particular, scientists still haven't done massive research that would confirm the efficiency of CBD for inflammation. However, we can be almost certain that the plant can improve the skin's barrier function. It also affects the balance of microbes on the surface of your skin. That being said, it can deal with the underlying problem and not just the symptoms. Unfortunately, there is more to eczema than just bacteria. The condition is a bit more complex, which is why you need to perform additional steps in order to completely eliminate it.

According to numerous studies, cannabidiol, the active substance of hemp, can be used to improve your skin. It carries numerous benefits for the tissue and can also treat various inflammations. You can use CBD oil either internally or topically; however, you prefer. Although people still have prejudice towards medical marijuana, CBD oil is probably the best way to treat eczema regardless of your age or severity of the condition.

Using CBD oil for eczema

Although CBD oil can yield great results for eczema, that doesn't mean that every cream or oil will work for you. Like most medical products and topical creams, you have to find an item that will work for you. For example, you will have to find the right dosage for your particular case. Also, it also depends on other ingredients that the manufacturer is using, as some of them can lead to additional irritations. 

We recommend that you find a product that is specifically created for eczema or inflammations. There are certain CBD oils that work well for depression or muscle pain, but they will not work well for skin issues. You should also buy a product that doesn't have any excess ingredients. Scented CBD oil might smell nice, but it will likely work against eczema. If you buy a cannabis product that has additional ingredients, make sure these ingredients are good for inflammations. Anyway, read the label before purchasing. Even if the oil doesn't suit you, you can buy another one.

It is very important to start with smaller dosages. You can up increase it over time. Stay in touch with your doctor as you go and consult whenever necessary. If a particular product doesn’t yield the required results, you should consider changing it. You will also keep track of symptoms and side effects. Depending on the severity of your particular case, you should be able to notice the first improvement either within days or within a few weeks. Keep in mind that, like any other drug, CBD oil for eczema can lead to some counter-indications when using in conjunction with other drugs. Ask your practitioner for an opinion if you're using some other drugs or medical products.

Anyway, CBD oil is one of the best ways to treat eczema, and we recommend it with all our hearts!

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