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CBD Massage Oil: 3 Benefits of Using CBD in Massage Therapy

CBD Massage Oil: 3 Benefits of Using CBD in Massage Therapy

More massage therapists are using CBD oil for a massage these days compared to a few years ago. But what is CBD oil, and how is it useful in the spa industry?

This article is an ultimate guide to CBD oil and why it's vital for massage therapy.

What are the CBD massage oils?

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol. Gotten from Cannabis sativa, the compound is one of the many active ones in the plant. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), its popular counterpart, cannabidiol is not psychoactive, so you won't get high from using it.

CBD oils have only this compound as their active ingredient.

How do CBD massage oils work?

The medical benefits of using CBD oils are many. However, CBD oils may have different effects on different people. It all depends on how it interacts with your body's endocannabinoid system. This system is in charge of maintaining the body's homeostasis, which means keeping the body at its best working condition all through the day.

Our bodies produce cannabinoids, and there are two receptors for them called the CB1 and CB2 receptors. While the former deals with movement, coordination, and other functions, the latter is found majorly in our immune systems.

So, when CBD oils are used, they produce an indirect change in the receptors, without binding to them. This indirect change compels your body to use a significant portion of its cannabinoids, which in turn leads to beneficial effects.

The only difference between CBD massages and regular massages is the massaging oil used. The massaging techniques and all other procedures are the same.

What are the benefits of using CBD massage oils?

For massage therapies, CBD oils can be used for the following reasons:

1. To reduce and relieve pain:

People who have back pains, arthritis, or chronic pain should enjoy the benefits of CBD oils more. CBD helps relieve pain by soothing muscles and reducing inflammation. Massaging the affected muscles of people with back pain or arthritis with CBD oils usually helps them feel better. CBD massages also aid in reducing the body's blood pressure and increasing the flow of blood in the affected areas.

2. To alleviate stress and anxiety in the body

Having regular massages is an excellent way to reduce stress. However, using CBD oils help to relax the body even more. Research has shown that these oils have anti-anxiety features that help calm the body, without intoxicating the person.

3. To improve skin look and health

Applying massaging oils help the skin look healthy. But adding CBD oil to the mix has mind-blowing effects on the skin. A 2014 study showed that CBD helps to reduce sebum's product, which is the overproduced oil on our skin. In addition, the linoleic acid contained in CBD oils helps prevent skin breakouts.

What is the difference between full-spectrum and isolate CBD Oil?

There are two types of CBD oils depending on the cannabinoid profile: full-spectrum and isolate.

  • Full-spectrum: These oils contain large quantities of CBD and small amounts of cannabinoids like THC
  • Isolates: Isolates are the oils that contain only CBD

How is CBD extracted from cannabis?

The process of getting CBD has an effect on the safety, purity, and quality of its oil. The two conventional extraction techniques involve either carbon dioxide or ethanol as the solvent. These techniques leave behind no residue. 

After extraction, the individual compounds need to be separated, and this is done by distillation. The distillation process is divided into two stages; Winterization and short path distillation. The entire process is completed when pure CBD is gotten from the cannabis plant.

Is it legal to use CBD massage oils?

At the moment, no hard and fast rule states that CBD massage oils are illegal. According to the farm bill legislation of 2018, if the THC level is less than 3%, it is legal to purchase and use CBD massage oils in the US at the federal level. However, some states in the US like Virginia allow for residents to only buy CBD products if they have prescriptions.

The 2018 Farm Bill also allows passengers to travel with CBD products in the US, although you need to be on the lookout for TSA limits when flying with a tincture. 

Tips on how to administer CBD massage oils

To get the most out of a CBD massage, here are the things you should do:

1. Follow the instructions to the latter

If you are using your CBD oil at home, make sure you read the manufacturer's instructions on how it should be used. User instructions are usually manufacturer-specific, so what works for one oil might not work for another. The label may also state the quantity you should use in each dose. Be sure to follow this instruction to the latter, so that you don't over-apply the oil.

2. Clean your skin

For CBD oils to work their magic on your skin, you must make sure that it is clean and dry. The skin contains the endocannabinoid receptors, which are the gateway for the oils to get into the body, so make sure you shower before you undergo CBD massage therapy.

3. Wash your hands when you are done

Irrespective of the type of oil used, make sure you wash your hands after administering the oil on someone's skin. If someone massages your skin, then you've also got to wash up as well. You wouldn't want the oil getting into your eyes or causing irritations.

Are there side effects of CBD oils?

CBD is a safe compound, especially with all the steps taken to purify it after extraction. Nevertheless, people can get local irritation when using these oils for massage therapy. Therefore, if you are taking any medications, ensure you consult with your physician first before using CBD oil.

In conclusion

The use of CBD massage oil is expected to multiply in the next couple of years. While a regular massage works magic, you cannot compare it to when CBD oils are used.

There are numerous benefits of using the oil, which we have highlighted in this article.

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