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CBD Body Butter: Definition, Uses & Best Cannabidoil Butters

CBD Body Butter: Definition, Uses & Best Cannabidoil Butters

Dermatology is an aspect of medicine that deals with the study of the skin and related diseases.

Depending on the degree of skin damage, dermatologists offer different therapies for patients. When the problems are mild, they often prescribe a variety of skincare products.

This debunks the general idea that skincare products have only cosmetic value. One of these kinds of products is the CBD body butter.

What is CBD?

Marijuana indeed contains many compounds, generally known as cannabinoids. Of these, the most popular is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). The former is more specifically, the compound that confers Marijuana its psychoactive properties.

The immediate sibling, CBD, is what we are interested in. Cannabidiol is, in summary, THC without its psychoactive properties. It is, thus, purely therapeutic. Broad-range CBDs do contain some amount of THC. In the strictest sense, yet, this compound has zero psychoactive properties.

Some research has afforded a glimpse into the CBD world. And it’s beautiful. To say that CBD is a promising product is a gross understatement.

From the little research, it has proved useful in the treatment of many mental disorders. Some of these include addiction, schizophrenia, and anxiety disorders.

What is CBD body butter?

CBD topical is the generic name for Cannabidiol skin products. They include CBD creams and lotions, butter, and even salves. Though they have different names, they all perform roughly the same functions. The only difference exists mostly in texture, and regions of application.

A CBD butter is ordinary body butter, but with Cannabidiol as another ingredient. Since they contain a variety of other products, they serve majorly cosmetic purposes.

It's also important to mention that CBD is expensive because its production, extraction, testing, and packaging are costly. Another reason for its high price is the huge online competition that urges companies to look for a CBD advertising agency to help them get more traffic and sales.

The therapeutic purposes they may serve only come as an aside. Regardless, the therapeutic purposes they serve are very significant, as we have seen.

A CBD body butter is thicker than the average cream or lotion. It is so dense; it could serve as an ideal barrier. Despite the thickness they have, Cannabidiol butters are light. They are readily absorbed into the skin and do not cause cloth staining. 

These organic products are not restricted to areas of pain alone. They can be used as regular moisturizers.

General uses

CBD is also a fast-growing, widely-accepted pain relief, and anti-inflammatory agent. These functions are the most relevant to this topic today. These, and much more, are embodied in CBD products known as CBD butter.

All we have done thus far is discuss in passing the uses of cannabidiol-based skin products. Let’s zoom in a bit, on some specific uses, shall we?

  • Joint and Muscle Pain:

Since they are new in the market, only a few people use them. Users testify of the significant improvement in muscle and joint functions. This is especially evident in people who suffer one form of joint discomfort or another. They do this by activating the endocannabinoid system of the body. This system contributes to the perception of pain and pleasure.

  • Arthritis:

Arthritis is a condition characterized by joint inflammation. It causes a lot of pain and is peculiar to older adults. Cannabidiol body butter, and related topicals, help ease associated pains. Apply at sites of inflammation, and rub it in. The required dosage differs from person to person. Start small and gradually increase the dosage. Do this until you discover the amount that gives the best relief.

  • Acne, Psoriasis, and Eczema

This treatment method was suggested in 2018, by the American Academy of Dermatology. For acne, CBD oils are perfect since they contain a high fatty acid concentration. With a similar affinity for human skin lipids, it has reliable moisturizing power. Higher moisture lessens the chances of acne occurrence. The same idea applies to its use for eczema.

Psoriasis is an inflammatory autoimmune disease. Thus far, the proposal of CBD as a treatment method is only hypothetical. No successful trials have been made. Since it is an anti-inflammatory, yet, hopes are high.

  • Anti-aging

There are grey areas about having grey hair. Nobody wants to look old when they are old. CBD skin products, again swoop in to save the day. CBDs are anti-inflammatory, in that they give the skin powers to heal itself. It, thus, makes sense that with constant applications, wrinkles can disappear. You can look young again.

  • Massage

Finally, lots of people use CBD oil for massage. This is the reason for more and more massage therapists to use CBD oil for a massage in 2020.

10 of the best CBD butter products

A product is only as effective as its quality. Since it's only a new industry, many products are not as original as they seem at face value. We have selected the best ten in the market for you:

  1. Imbue Botanical Lifted by Embody Premium CBD Facial Cream

This CBD body butter should be the answer you've been looking for to your aging problem. It is dozed with a generous amount of Vitamin E oil. Vitamin E is an antioxidant. It functions by reducing inflammation and helping the body heal itself. With this property, it is easy for this CBD butter to keep your face wrinkle-free. Consistent use for only a week should show significant changes. It also works against acne. The faint smell of rosemary and mint scores brownie points for those that like some flavor. It is best used at night, just before you sleep.

  1. Imbue Embody Premium Lip Balm

CBD is so versatile; it is even used for the lips. With this Cannabidiol body butter, say farewell to chapped, unattractive lips. Who doesn't like peppermint oil in their lip balms? With 25mg of CBD, experience steady healing for your dry, painful lips. And hey, it doesn't cause your hair to stick to your face. In periods like this, when your hands should have zero contact with your face, these come in handy. None of this matters to you if you don't have long hairs, of course.

  1. Imbue Botanical Embody Premium CBD Lotion

We all love the moisturizer feel of body lotions. It is non-greasy and lightweight. This means that you can afford to use it on your entire body without getting all sweaty. Since it is light, it is absorbed immediately into your skin. No worries about staining your dress either. Unlike the previous two mentioned, you can use this lotion on any/all parts of your body. Asides CBD oil, it majorly contains lactic acid and aloe vera leaf juice powder. Lactic acid is good for exfoliation, and aloe vera is the perfect antioxidant. Use when the skin is moist and warm, for best results.

  1. De La Beuh Thin Mint Bath Bomb

Bath bombs are the bomb! This has to be the one bomb you embrace with open arms. You know you should add delightful flavors to your water bath. This mint-green CBD body butter has a strong scent. It is so strong; it should serve aromatherapy benefits.

  1. De La Beuh CBD Coffee Scrub

Everybody has heard the myths behind scrubbing your body with coffee grounds. They aren’t myths after all. Unlike ordinary coffee scrubs, these are not only best for exfoliation. They also contain CBD, coconut oil, and shea butter. These make them excellent moisturizers too! You want to wash your bathroom after use, though. They have strong coffee smells and can be equally messy.

  1. Endoca Hemp Salve

An antioxidant like no other! Apply on the surface of sore skin, and watch the magic happen. This CBD butter is so thick; it should protect your skin from physical injuries. This is one reason you shouldn’t rub it onto your face. Asides your face, you really can apply it anywhere. The lemon-vanilla scent is fantastic!

  1. Endoca Hemp Whipped Body Butter

Unlike many you know, this CBD body butter is solid to touch. It is a balm, and, the 'whipped' is a misnomer. It has a smell you can't pin your finger on. We're not so sure about how you'll feel about this. With an impressive 1500 mg of CBD, it is an original! It is thus a potent pain relief.

  1. Pure Ratios CBD Topical Salve

You're playing volleyball with your girlfriends, and you somehow strain a muscle. This is what you use. This Cannabidiol body butter is so handy; it fits in your pockets. It is an essential weapon in your first-aid arsenal. It is stuffed with many anti-inflammatory ingredients. Pain relief happens in the shortest time possible.

  1. Ambary Gardens Lip Fix

Fix your lips wherever you are. This lemon-scented lip balm is perfect for chapped lips. Since it is only a lip fix, we suggest you don't expect some exaggerated glow. All it does is hydrates your lips. The CBD helps to ease pains that may go with dried lips.

  1. Ambary Gardens Soothing Soak

These are a traditional alternative to the more contemporary bath bombs. This product is loaded with magnesium flakes, CBD, and arnica. These ensure hastened pain relief. Amongst other oils, it contains lavender. This sets the atmosphere for a different kind of relaxation.

In conclusion

Don't choose between pain relief and radiant skin. Why choose when you could have both? CBD body butter products are what you have been looking for.

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