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Black And White Toenail Fungus: Causes And Treatment

Black And White Toenail Fungus: Causes And Treatment

Toenail fungus is a condition that is relatively easy to diagnose. Even if you're a layman, you can recognize the issue based on discoloration. The natural color will change into white, brown, yellow, or black.

So, if you notice black toenail fungus or white toenail fungus, make sure to visit your doctor as soon as possible!

What is this condition like?

The condition is quite problematic, and it is more common in athletes and older people. Most people perceive it as a visual issue, but there are certain complications to it.

First and foremost, the infection may start spreading, so you will notice several affected toenails after a while. This is why you need to take a proactive stance. It can also cause a lot of pain, and ultimately, your toenail may fall off.

Black toenail fungus and white toenail fungus are no joke. Here are some basic things you need to know about the issue. Read on!

How do you get white or black toenail fungus?

Like most other microorganisms, we have a lot of fungus on our feet as it is. They are a part of our natural flora. During our lives, this fungus will remain dormant. However, in some instances, it will get activated and cause an infection.

For example, toenail fungus appears in humid environments. If your feet sweat a lot, there is a good chance that the amount of fungus will increase over time. This is precisely why certain types of athletes are suffering from this issue. It is also more common for older people as their immune systems become less resilient.

You can also get toenail infection from someone who also has it. This is especially true if you're sharing shoes or other footwear with other people. The toenail fungus can spread to other areas of your body, causing issues such as jock itch. Thus, patients suffering from this issue will have to keep a high level of hygiene.

How do you treat toenail fungus?

Treating black and white toenail fungus is both easy and hard.

Generally speaking, this condition is less problematic compared to some other medical condition. It is mostly visual and can lead to some pain. But, it is by no means a hazardous or life-threatening issue. You will always be able to cure it as long as you have the right mindset.

What's troublesome is the fact that toenail fungus can last for weeks and even months. And that's with therapy! If you don't treat it, you will have the condition for years.

Once you visit a doctor's office, you will be given either an oral drug or a topical cream. These two drugs produce massively different results. And here is where the first issues begin.

Oral medicines used for toenail fungus are really volatile. Most of them have incredible serious side effects. For example, they can damage some of your major organs. Doctors will almost always send you for a blood test before they prescribe you with one of these. The only bright side of these drugs is the fact they treat the issue rather quickly.

As a result, the majority of patients will rely on various topical creams for toenail fungus. This kind of therapy takes some time; it usually needs months for the problem to be solved if you're using a topical cream. But, they don't have the same volatile side effects.

If we consider the fact that most toenail fungus patients are elderly people, it is easy to understand why topical creams are so important. They cannot jeopardize their health by using strong drugs. Even if it means that the treatment will take longer, it is much safer with this type of therapy.

Additional considerations for black and white toenail fungus

Given that topical creams are a viable option, a lot of people will turn to home remedies for black toenail fungus and for white toenail fungus.

Home remedies are very similar to topical creams in the sense that they need a lot of time to work. Still, they are not as volatile as an oral drug. The reason why you might try a home remedy instead of topical cream is that they are cheaper.

Most of these items are already present in your household, so you won't have to lose time searching for them. The most popular home remedies for toenail fungus include baking soda, vinegar treatment, Vicks VapoRub, essential oils, etc.

Besides medication, there are some other methods you can utilize. Doctors recommend that you pay attention to your foot hygiene during the treatment. You will have to change your socks every once in a while.

Make sure your shoes are clean as well. You can also use antifungal powder for shoes. Naturally, you will have to pay attention to others, so you don't spread the infection.

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