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DIY Cocoa Butter Lotion: 4 Best Homemade Recipes

DIY Cocoa Butter Lotion: 4 Best Homemade Recipes

Winter can dry your skin out something awful; all the artificial heat indoors and dry cold outdoors completely zaps your hair and skin of any moisture, leaving you static-y and dried out.

The only way to combat this skin drought is to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

So, in addition to drinking your recommended eight glasses a day, it’s also super imperative to keep your skin’s thirst quenched, too. That’s where DIY cocoa butter lotions, body balms, and creams come in. 

Cocoa butter lotion is one of those naturally-derived formulas that seems to cure just about all your skin predicaments— using cocoa butter for skin is like an immediate magical potion for instantly softer, smoother and more hydrated skin.

This organic lotion benefits are myriad — it’s one of our most favorite natural beauty products - so we’re going to get into how to use cocoa butter best in this post.

What Is It Made From?

Cocoa butter is made from cacao seeds (cocoa beans!); it is the cream-colored fat extracted from the beans after they are dried and pressed.

While that may not sound particularly nice, this butter actually has a lovely natural chocolate scent (since cocoa beans are where chocolate comes from!) and is packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and other incredible benefits for your skin… all completely natural.

DIY Cocoa Butter Lotion Recipes

While there are so many wonderful kinds of cocoa butter on the market today, its such a simple product to make at home, theres no reason not to try it out!

With literally three ingredients you can make yourself a whole tub of this natural butterthe lotion also makes for a great gift for your girlfriends!

Cocoa Butter Balm 

By: Gold Mountain Essentials

Cocoa Butter for Skin


  • 15g Jojoba Oil
  • 30g Coconut Oil
  • 15g Cocoa Butter
  • 5g Beeswax
  • 5-10 drops Sweet Orange Essential Oil (optional)


      • Melt together the wax and the oils in a bain-marie or a double boiler. When the oils are fully liquid, add vitamin E and stir for a few seconds.
      • Remove from heat
      • Add essential oils
      • Pour into jar

      Homemade Three Ingredient Cocoa Body Butter 

      By: Little Green Dot


      • Cocoa butter
      • Coconut oil
      • Sweet almond oil


      Melt your solid oils and butter in a saucepan until completely liquified. Blend the three ingredients together in a bowl and then set in the freezer for approximately 20 minutes. Once the mixture has hardened but not completely solidified, beat it using an electric beater until you have made it fluffy and light. Store in a glass jar or tub for months. 

      Your cocoa butter will naturally harden once it comes to room temperature. If youre wondering how to melt the cocoa butter, you only need to scoop a small amount into your hands; the natural warmth from your body will melt it in no time!

      Silky Cocoa Body Lotion

      Recipe & Photo By: Pins and Procrastination

      DIY Cocoa Body Lotion for Dry Skin

      Cocoa Body Lotion Ingredients

      • Almond Oil
      • Coconut Oil
      • Beeswax
      • Cocoa Butter
      • Vitamin E
      • Essential Oils

      Why we love it

      Almond oil, coconut oil, and cocoa butter are all extremely hydrating! Not to mention, this recipe is full of ingredients loaded with anti-oxidants.

      Add in the beeswax which is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory and you've got yourself a winner.

      Basic DIY Cocoa Butter Lotion Recipe

      By: Humblebee and Me

      If you're looking for a DIY cocoa butter lotion that is a little bit thinner than a whipped body butter you're probably going to want to look for a shea butter versus a cocoa butter lotion recipe. The latter will provide a thicker consistency than shea butter.

      The video above is a great basic DIY lotion that uses shea butter instead.

      Cocoa Butter Benefits for Skin

      We wrote an entire post on why cocoa butter is amazing for your skin. We just wanted to highlight a few points which might convince you it's time to start whipping up some DIY cocoa butter lotions and balms.

      Cocoa Butter for Hydrating Skin

      This product's hydrating properties extend past just the first layer of your skin. Many cocoa butter lotions on the market are made with chemicals that sit directly on the top layer of your skin, providing you with short-term superficial relief but not targeting the actual problem of dry skin. This organic butter manages to get to the second layer of your skin, providing your skin with long-lasting nourishment. 

      Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks and Scars

      The lotion is also packed full of natural antioxidants and vitamins like Vitamin E, which is one of the most powerful antioxidants found in nature. Antioxidants help your body fight off free radicals, the cancer-causing cells that sometimes pop up in your body due to environmental toxins.

      By slathering your skin with cocoa butter lotion, youre not only helping keep stretch marks at bay and diminishing scars and wrinkles, but youre also protecting yourself against the major disease! 

      Pregnant women swear by cocoa butter as their saving grace during those nine months when their bellies get bigger and those inevitable stretch marks appear. Using this natural product for stretch marks is a natural, safe and relaxing way to keep those scars at bay.

      Cocoa Butter for Relaxation

      Cocoa butter lotion is also well known for its calming and stress-relieving properties as well. It contains tryptophan (yes, the same drowsy-inducing chemical found in turkey!) which is part of the makeup of serotonin, the “feel-good” neurotransmitter.

      Basically, when you’re getting out of the shower and breaking out this butter, you’re coating yourself in lots of feel-good vibes! 

        Making yourself a cocoa butter body balm is a fun, inexpensive and completely natural way to keep your skin healthy in the winter. And actually - the creams made from it are also incredibly popular in the summertime; it’s an ingredient found in most tanning oils, though we must suggest all-natural sunscreen rather than tanning oil! :)

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