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7 Secrets to Teeth Whitening

Americans spend a lot of money on teeth whitening with most of it going to do-it-yourself whitening products. That goes to show that people are putting much more importance on dental hygiene now then they did ten years ago.

Although there are lots of products to choose from when it comes to tackling this challenge on your own, it’s important to remember that most whitening products use chemicals to bleach your teeth. If you dream of whiter teeth but want to circumvent the bleaching chemicals, then this article is for you.

Do-It-Yourself Teeth Whitening vs. Professional Teeth Whitening

When it comes to teeth whitening, there are two options-- professional or do-it-yourself. While many have taken the matter into their own hands, professional teeth whitening is a good approach, but in the end, it comes at a cost. Dentists usually offer a standard teeth whitening procedure with or without a halogen light.

Patients usually have the option of using a halogen light to stimulate the whitening process, but that’s not always the case. Those who choose not to do the halogen light or are not given that option will have to return for multiple treatments to obtain the level of whiteness they are looking for.

Moving on to ‘do-it-yourself’ techniques. There are a few ways to go about it. The first one is a whitening rinse. They're surprisingly simple to use. All you have to do is whirl it throughout your mouth for a  good minute. Rinses can prevent further stains after you whiten your teeth.

Next, we have whitening toothpaste. These usually have ingredients that eliminate surface stains with thorough brushing and may provide gradual brightening- the keyword is gradual! It’s important to remember that this is not a race but a marathon.

Teeth Whitening Risks

While teeth whitening is deemed harmless, there are a couple of side effects. You may experience tooth sensitivity after your first or second treatment. Although this may decrease with time, it’s still considered a risk. Dentists usually suggest handling this with products that contain potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride gel.
The next one is irritated gums. This usually happens because of the whitening product’s contact with your gums. However, unlike teeth sensitivity, this side effect goes away after the treatments.

7 Secrets to Natural Teeth Whitening

1. Charcoal Teeth Whitening

Tuxedo Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitener

Activated charcoal is becoming a popular method for fighting stained teeth.  Activated charcoal is tinged with small orifices that are natural toxin-filters.To put it simply, activated charcoal is an excellent resource to whiten teeth! Using it is pretty straightforward.

Make a paste with a small amount of powder mixed with water and brush onto your teeth, and let sit for 5 minutes before rinsing. It will naturally lift surface stains off your teeth after just one use.

2. Oil Pulling

Oil pulling refers to washing the mouth with oil to remove harmful bacteria. Although It is not a recommended replacement for regular brushing or flossing, some research hints that rinsing the mouth with some oils may help to whiten your teeth. To try this simple method, rinse your mouth with oils such as coconut oil, sunflower oil, and sesame oil for a minute after regular brushing.

3. Try Baking Soda

Brushing Teeth With Baking Soda

Another efficient technique is brushing your teeth with baking soda. Some people believe that baking soda is too harsh and may grind away your enamel, but recent research found it to be a harmless way to remove persistent stains. Additionally, baking soda may also assist in fighting bacteria.

4. Applying Hydrogen Peroxide

Sensitive Teeth

For tougher stains, using hydrogen peroxide may be a good recourse. Hydrogen peroxide is a gentle bleach chemical that may help to whiten heavily stained teeth. Combined with baking soda, you can try brushing their teeth for 2 minutes twice a day.

However, since this is a mild bleach, you should only do this infrequently. Unlike baking soda, hydrogen peroxide may promote tooth sensitivity, so it is not recommended for people who already have sensitive teeth.

5. Fruits Can Help

Certain fruits boast special elements. The Papaya fruit and pineapples are two of them. These fruits contain an enzyme that scientists believe may help to whiten stained teeth. These enzymes are called papain and bromelain. A 2012 study discovered evidence that solutions carrying these elements may offer natural whitening effects.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

This one is an unorthodox method but one that works wonder. Apple cider vinegar has been utilized for hundreds of years as a disinfectant and natural cleansing agent. The acetic acid, the key active ingredient in apple cider vinegar can efficiently kill bacteria, even the ones in your mouth.

However, prolonged use of apple cider vinegar has a bleaching effect on teeth. Additionally, it may soften the teeth and decay your enamel. If you do consider this solution, you should not use apple cider vinegar daily and also check the amount of time that it is in contact with your teeth.

7. Maintaining Excellent Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene Habits

Last but not least, maintaining great oral hygiene is the most significant thing that you can do to defeat tooth yellowing. Daily brushing and flossing preserves the enamel, stops gum decay, and removes stains. Excellent oral hygiene habits include:

  • Brushing the teeth at least twice a day for at least 2 minutes. Be sure to clean throughout the gums and the backs of the teeth.
  • Consider using fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride can help to fight and even prevent tooth decay.
  • Flossing daily and thoroughly to remove plaque between the teeth.

Where to Find Best Teeth Whitening Products

Looking for the best teeth whitening kit? Shop our oral care collection today. If you want to try the easy natural teeth whitening method, you probably have many of the ingredients in your pantry already, so get on it, and get started on that brighter, whiter smile.

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