Foot Soak for Athletes Foot (and other remedies)

Athlete’s Foot is an infection that grows in the webs of the toes as well as on the soles of the feet, and it’s a more common problem than you might have thought it was!

Fast Facts on Athlete’s Foot

  • Did you know that in severe cases, Athlete’s Foot can spread to the palms of your hands, the groin and other parts of your body!
  • Regardless of what you might have heard, Athlete’s Foot IS contagious. It’s spread from one person to another by walking on contaminated floors and objects.
  • The symptoms of Athlete’s Foot include itching, burning, pain and scaling
  • There are numerous over-the-counter topical treatment creams available for Athlete’s Foot
  • Prevention is the best cure, so always aim to keep your feet dry by wearing cotton socks and breathable shoes
  • Athlete’s Foot is also called “Jungle Rot”
  • Men are more likely to contract Athlete’s Foot than women

What does Athlete’s Foot look like?

Normally, Athlete’s Foot appears as a scaly, red and itchy eruption which may or may not weep and ooze. Despite the name, Athlete’s Foot isn’t only a problem for athletes, but for non-athletes too.

What causes Athlete’s Foot?

Scientifically speaking, the main culprit is Tinea Pedis, the fungi that causes Athlete’s Foot. This nasty germ can be found in gums, locker rooms, swimming pools etc. and spreads through contaminated socks and clothing. The most common way that Athlete’s Foot is transmitted from one person to another is by walking on a contaminated surface with the bare foot. 

How to treat Athlete’s Foot

By now you understand that Athlete’s Foot is no joke. It’s seriously uncomfortable and individuals who suffer from it all have one thing in common…they want it gone ASAP. Here are out top tips and trick for getting rid of Athlete’s Foot and get you back to feeling comfortable to kick off your shoes.

Of course we always recommend trying an all natural solution, such as our foot soak before getting into more heavy duty options.

1 ) The PVPI Foot Soak

Please note that pregnant women should UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES use this remedy!!!

Betadine’s extended name is Povidone-Iodine. You know it as something that’s used to treat and prevent infection in wounds. But did you know that it can also be used to prevent and treat skin infections? Betadine is a very effective bactericide and combats yeasts, molds, fungi and bacteria. This Betadine blend foot soak helps get rid of the fungi that causes Athlete’s Foot

For soaking, fill a foot basin with one quart of warm water and then add two capfuls of PVPI into the water. Let your feet soak for 20 minutes, twice daily. Once you are done soaking, take care to dry your feet very well. 

2 ) The Cornstarch Rub

If there ever was anything that absorbs moisture like mad, cornstarch would be it. This great rub absorbs extra moisture and help keep your feet dry. You’ll need to brown the cornstarch before using it if you want to reap maximum benefits thought which is why we suggest the following method…

Preheat your oven to 325 degrees and then pour ½ a cup of cornstarch on a plate before popping it in the oven for a good 5 minutes, or just until it starts to brown up a little. Once it’s cooled down a little go ahead and give your feet a good rubdown with the cornstarch. Leave it on your tootsies for about 10 minutes and then brush off with a towel. 

3) The Hydrogen Peroxide Dip

Ideal for killing of bacteria and fungi, hydrogen peroxide can be a great treatment for Athlete’s Foot. DON’T attempt this if you have cracked skin though, because it will burn like mad. Also, don’t use Hydrogen Peroxide stronger than 3%, unless you aim to inflict even more damage to your feet.

For the soak, mix one pint of 3& Hydrogen Peroxide into one gallon of lukewarm water. Let your feet soak in there for a good 10 – 20 minutes, twice daily. Once you’re done soaking, allow your feet to air dry and then rinse them clean under tap water.

4 ) The Baking Soda Rub

It works well on killing bacteria and also has antifungal properties, which is why Baking Soda is a great way to get rid of the Athlete’s Foot fungi causing you so much discomfort

For the rub, mix 3 parts baking soda with 1 part water. You want a nice, thick paste. Rub the paste onto your feet in circular motions, and really make sure that you’re getting the mix in between your toes. Once the mixture has dried, you can slough most of it off before rinsing your feet under cool water and properly dry them off once you’re done.

5 ) The Lemon Rinse

Athlete’s Foot can leave your feet smelling less than desirable, so this is where Lemon really comes in handy because it helps minimize any funky smells.

For the rinse, mix ½ a cup of lemon juice with 10 cups of lukewarm water. Soak your feet in the mix for 20 minutes, twice a day to help spruce them up again.

Wrapping it up

Feet are not just important, they are a crucial part of our everyday lives and we use them ALL THE TIME, which is why they need to be as comfortable as possible. There are few things in life as infuriating as itchy feet, which is why we suggest using our at-home remedies. A little dedication to your feet on a daily basis might be all your feet need to stay in their happy state.

REMEMBER, prevention is always better than cure, so to keep Athlete’s Foot from spreading always:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water if you touched an infected area
  • If you have Athlete’s Foot, sharing is NOT caring, so please wash the bath or shower with an antiseptic cleaner after using it
  • DON’T share towels
  • Never re-wear socks
  • Rotate your shoes on a daily basis

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