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Shoe Deodorizer & Foot Odor Spray with Tea Tree Oil (5 Ways To Get Rid of Foot Odor)

You know it’s about time to start de-stinking your feet and shoes when you can sense a foul odor ascending from your shoes while they are still ON your feet. It’s an embarrassing problem and has only one thing in common among the thousands of sufferers out there…we all want to get rid of the pong as soon as possible!

The good news is that getting rid of the stink is relatively simple and hassle free, with some methods being much more effective than others.

 are our top tips for keeping your feet smelling fresh and clean from now on…

Deodorizing Your Shoes - Keep Those Feet Fresh & Clean

There are many ways that you can deodorize your shoes. Here’s a pick of the most effective and fast working methods. 

Foot Deodorizing Spray Products

Okay so this one seems a little quirky, but it’s effective - Cat Litter 

It kind of makes sense because cat litter is produced with odor prevention and deodorization in mind. All you have to do is fill an old sock with cat litter, seal it and let it sleep in your shoe for the night. It’s a great idea to store your shoes this way and then just remove the sock whenever you want to wear them and put the sock back in when it goes in the cupboard.

Something you might not have thought of for deodorizing shoes - Charcoal

Commonly used in air filters because it has such amazing deodorizing properties, coconut activated charcoal can really work wonders in getting rid of odor in your shoes. To use it, fill a cloth bag (old socks will work fine too) and then let the bag sleep in your shoe overnight to get rid of any nasty smells.

We love Tea Tree extract, which is why we recommend - Tea Tree Oil Based Deodorizer Spray

It’s natural and can be used on both your feet as well as in your shoes. A great tea tree oil deodorizer also packs the great smelling punch of mint, eucalyptus and thyme. 

The essential oils are anti-bacterial which helps to kill bacteria that causes odor. You can spray our all Natural Tea Tree Foot Spray in your shoes and directly on your feet.

This seems like a no-brianer but works greatDeodorizing Insoles

These shoe inserts are made from cedar wood, bamboo or have charcoal in the mix that easily help get rid of any stench. Not only does the insert help to eliminate the stench, they also help to soak up moisture and keep your shoe's shape.

The only problem with shoe inserts is that they don’t tackle the real problem but rather just mask any weird smells.

Washing or soaking your feet with an anti-bacterial product

Proper hygiene is essential to permanently eliminating issues with stinky shoes. Your shoes didn't start stinky and they're not the main cause - it's your feet! If you have sweaty, stinky feet you should pick up an anti-bacterial product.

Our all-natural foot soak contains epsom salts and tea tree oils which help to eliminate the bacteria that leads to stinky feet.


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